July 19, 2024

Just Sizzlin’s Way of Making You Come Back

This is not the first time that I made a post about this popular restaurant in town and this is not also my first time to visit the place. Just Sizzlin is currently making a big name in the food business here in Tagbilaran City. My first post about this restaurant has definitely garnered a lot of attention to all the readers because it is one of the most visited posts in this blog site.

First Post: Detailed description of the restaurant

Bloggers here in Bohol had decided to visit Just Sizzlin. Even if I have already tried the resto for a lot of times, I have no doubts of joining the event. Why? Because Just Sizzlin never fails to satisfy my craving on sizzling foods. Another reason also is the chance to meet and talk with the owner of the restaurant.

VJ Racho and Pamela Descallar

Luckily, the owner, Vincent Joseph Racho, was able to meet the Boholano bloggers. He shared some information about the restaurant, their efforts on putting up the business and their future plans. For a 25 year-old guy, owning a successful business is a great achievement. His dedication and efforts has slowly paid off with the gaining popularity of the restaurant. The restaurant is still about to celebrate its first year since it started its operation last May 10, 2014. In less than 1 year, the restaurant is slowly gaining enough profit due to continuous support from the Boholanos.

Since Boholanos are sizzling food lovers, Just Sizzlin is an instant hit. We asked the owner if what products were the bestsellers. Here are the list of Just Sizzlin’s top 2 recommended foods that you must try if you visit the restaurant.

1. Flaming Chicken

Flaming Chicken with rich creamy mushroom gravy

2. Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs with Tangy BBQ Sauce

Aside from the top 2 listed bestsellers above, there are still a lot of foods that you can try that would fit on your appetite.

Chicken Lollipop
Chicken Lollipop


Pork Popcorn
Pork Popcorn
Sizzling Gambas with spicy Italian-style Sauce
Garden Salad
Garden Salad – A choice of Asian Vinaigrette or caesar dressing

Rice Choices

Garlic Rice
Java Rice
Java Rice

Refreshments – Different Flavors of Lemonades and Iced Tea

                  justsizzlin-drinks2     justsizzlin-drinks

According to VJ Racho, they were able to put up the business because of their combined efforts. The owner is now managing the business together with his girlfriend, Pamela Descallar. The concept of the business and the designs including the logo were the results of their sleepless nights. They designed the place to look it modernized. As young professionals, involvement on social media is a great factor in marketing the business since they are also targeting those fellow young professionals. You can follow their instagram and facebook accounts to catch their latest promos and updates.

Just Sizzlin also is an active participants on different events in the city of Tagbilaran. I was able to notice the restaurant first due to their advertisements during the Sandugo activities last July 2014. The said participation on the city’s events was followed with their participation on the fusion nights at Plaza Rizal. They were able to participate the fusion nights for about 2 times already, during the October 15 earthquake commemoration and Christmas display. They can easily be noticed when they participate on those activities since they were one of those stalls with a lot of people who were lining up.

With Dalareich Polot and Maam Inday

Due to our curiosity, we asked them about their future plans. The owner, VJ Racho, revealed that they are planning to expand their restaurant to provide comfort for the customers. They are also planning to update their menu. With the plans that they have in mind, that would definitely increase our desire to keep on coming back at the restaurant. We also ask about catering the students since they could have a strong market with the students. They are also planning on that but they still have to plan it thoroughly.

With the continuous development and innovations on their foods and how are they going to serve their customers, Just Sizzlin has more to offer in the upcoming days. Due to their delicious and sizzling foods, cool and modernized place, youthful way of marketing their products and a promise of providing new innovations, their customers are keep on coming back.

Our encounter with the Just Sizzlin owner and their friendly staff would not be complete without having a picture with them.

Bohol Bloggers with Just Sizzlin’ owners, VJ Racho and Pamela Descallar

If you happen to visit Tagbilaran City, try the best sizzling foods of Just Sizzlin. If you have friends and relatives who have not yet known the restaurant, please help me share the good experience at Just Sizzlin.

Address: CPG East Avenue, Poblacion 3 (near Balamban Liempo)
Operating Hours: 10AM-2PM, 6PM-10PM
Contact Number: (038)412 0902
WiFi: Yes
Parking: Yes

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