June 18, 2024

Try to “TAMBAY” at Tambahayan Cafe

If you feel boredom at home and you want to enjoy in some other place, Tagbilaran City has another relaxing place to offer. Tambahayan Cafe offers a lot of choices on their menu. If you’re on a diet, this cafe could be added on your list of the places to hangout. They serve delectable desserts, pastas and coffees to all its guests.

Address: Ma. Clara Street, Tagbilaran City beside Crystal-e College, basement of 5 by 5 Store
Contact Number: 501-0264
WiFi: Yes
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9AM to 9PM, Sunday – by appointment

T – Tambahayan

With the name of the place, you’ll feel like you’re at home. Tambahayan comes from the words “tambay” which means to standby and “bahay” which means house. So, when you’re at the cafe, you’ll expect the place and the things to be just at home.
tambahayan - entrance 1
Tambahayan cafe is located at the basement of the 5×5 store, beside the Crystal-e College, and they have just opened last May. At first, you’ll be confused if where the tambahayan cafe is located. They have a small entrance beside the 5×5 store. You’ll notice it right away when you are already there. They have a big banner at the entrance to the cafe. Once you’re inside the building, you have to take the downward stairs. You’ll first see the music school. Tambahayan cafe is next to the music school.
tambahayan - entrance 2According to the owner, their place makes it more interesting. Aside from the fact that it is at the basement of the building wherein the noises from the streets of Tagbilaran can’t be heard, you’re also like playing a maze. You’ll be able to feel satisfaction once you find their place and that’s what happened to us. By the way, the cafe is owned and managed by Vida Tirol-de Juan with his husband.

A – Arts Enthusiast

tambahayan - paintings 1
Once you are inside the cafe, you’ll immediately notice the paintings. According to the owner, they conducted painting workshops at the cafe. They provide everything you need to paint plus a teacher to guide you but with a registration fee. They will just announce the upcoming schedules on their facebook page. So, follow their facebook page to get updates from them.

tambahayan - paintings 2

M – Menu

Tambahayan cafe offers a lot of food choices. They have different choices of coffee, pasta, sandwiches, healthy fruit juices, teas, shakes, muffins and even hungarian sausage. With the delicious and healthy foods, they offer a reasonable price.

tambahayan - menu-board
– Price Range: P50 to P100
– Price Range: P50 to P60
– Price Range: P35 to P50
Fruit Juice
– Price Range: P60 to P70
Hungarian Sausage
– Price Range: P100

During our visit at the cafe, I tried Frappucino served with Caramel(P70), Tuna Sandwich at P35 and Kamunggay Pesto Pasta at P60. With those orders, my dinner was already okay. I was not able to notice if how long does my order took since we were busy playing scrabble. Maybe, that was around 15 to 20 minutes before my order was served.

tambahayan - frapuccino
tambahayan - tuna sandwich
Tuna Sandwich
tambahayan - pasta
Kamunggay Pesto Pasta

If you’re looking for a healthier option, I can suggest a combination of their healthy fruit juices and kamunggay pesto pasta or any sandwich. They have 4 choices on the combinations of the fruit juices. Each combination has a specific purpose for your health.

tambahayan - menu-wall

tambahayan - juice
Juice #4

B – Books and board games

If you are a book lover and would like to read other inspiring books, Tambahayan cafe has a lot of books on their bookshelf. They have different varieties of books; business, inspiring books, magazines and many others.
tambahayan - books
If you are with your friends, tambahayan cafe could also be a perfect choice to hangout. They have board games for you to enjoy. On our stay at Tambahayan cafe, we were able to play scrabble. Shown below was the picture of our game. Never mind some of the words since we had done everything just to win. 🙂

tambahayan - scrabble

A – Ambiance

Since the place is located at the corner at the basement of the building, the ambiance is good. You’ll not hear the noises of the vehicles from the busy streets of the city. So, if you have some serious talks with a business partner or a partner in life, you can go to the place and talk while taking a sip of their coffee. You can also study at the cafe. As posted on their facebook page, one customer has written that tambahayan is a cool place for studying.

tambahayan - movie

Y – You

Yes, it’s you. If you are a social person, you can hangout at the cafe. You’ll be able to meet some of your friends their and have a good talk. You can also make some friends with the same interests as you in reading books, arts and other cool stuff.


What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and try to “T-A-M-B-A-Y” at Tambahayan cafe. Please help me spread this info so that others could enjoy the place too. Hope you’ll have fun on your visit at the place just like how we enjoyed on our stay.

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