April 22, 2024

Mr. & Miss HNU Intramurals 2014

One of the highlights of the opening ceremonies of the HNU Intramurals last Sept. 9 was the selection of Mr. & Miss Intramurals 2014. They called the competition as Mr. & Miss Intramurals Banner Raising Running Man(BRRM) Edition. Instead of the usual pageant style of deciding the winners of the Mr. & Miss Intramurals by having a Q&A, the participants were able to undergo different levels of tests.

To excite the students even more, energetic and good-looking participants from each department were presented. All students of the different departments of HNU were very supportive of their participants. As the hosts called their participants, there were loud cheers from the students.


College of Business and Accountancyintrams - cba

College of Computer Studiesintrams - ccs

College of Engineeringintrams - coe

College of Educationintrams - coed

College of Arts and Sciencesintrams - cas

College of Nursing and Medical Technologyintrams - conmt

College of Law and Graduate Studiesintrams - col

The participants were not only scored based on their looks but also how fast they can handle all the obstacles. There were 5 levels of tests that the participants must undergo for them to raise the banner of their respective departments. Participants from each department must work together in order to solve the physical and mental problems right away.

1. Making a pyramid using all the balls to be used during the games
2. Kicking the sepak takraw ball 3 times with the girl riding at the back of the boyintrams - sipa
3. Solving the puzzleintrams - puzzle
4. Undergo the physical challengesintrams - physical
5. Solving the mind-boggling problemintrams - problem

intrams - problem2

The competition was unique since it does not only measures the looks of the contestants but also how fit they are when it comes to different situations. After all the 5 steps, participants from the College of Education were able to finish first then followed by the participants from the College of Computer Studies. The final list of winners were not announced during the opening ceremonies.

intrams - banner-coed

Do you know the name of the participants from each department? Please hit the comment box below so that we can list their names here.

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