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Things to Do in Anda, Bohol

Anda is now one of the promising tourist destinations in Bohol. With more than 2 hours of travel to Anda from the city of Tagbilaran, you’ll be expecting a lot of Anda’s beauty and adventures. Here are the top things to do while you are in Anda.

1. Swimming at the white beaches

Anda is known for its clean and fine white sand beaches. The clear waters of the beaches in Anda is waiting for you to experience. White beach in Poblacion is the longest stretch of white sand beach in Anda. You can play volleyball, frisbee or bury yourself on the sand.

2. Caving

Anda is blessed with beautiful and cool cave pools. Because of the soft nature of the rock, over time, the action of water and other geologic activities has led to the formations of caves.

Combento Cave Pool

Combento cave pathThis cave is located in Barangay Virgen, near Bitoon Beach Resort. From the entrance is just a few short steps down to the pristine body of water below. The cave pool is not that deep, around 7 feet. If you look above, the dome like formation is just so awesome.

Kaligoon Cave Pool

Kaligoon Cave Pool
Source: langyaw.com

The water is shallower compared to Combento and the ceiling is lower but still enough room to swim around.

Cabagnow or Kabagno Cave Pool

Cabagnow or Kabagno Cave Pool
Source: langyaw.com

This is the deepest cave pool in Anda with portions said to be 25 feet deep. Kabagno Cave Pool is a bit challenging because its practically a hole in the ground, one has to use a ladder.

East Coast Cave Pool

East Coast Cave Pool
Source: langyaw.com

The Cave Pool within the compounds of East Coast White Sand Resort and Recreation in Barangay Candabong is smaller than Combento Cave Pool.

3. Resort Hopping

Anda de Boracay
Anda de Boracay

Beautiful resorts in Anda are slowly getting attention not only with their beautiful structures but due to their very good service. Some of the popular beach resorts in Anda are Little Miami Beach Resort, Anda de Boracay, Amun ini, EastCoast, FloWer Beach Resort and many others. You may stay at one resort on one night and transfer to another resort the following day. Or, you may dine at one of the resorts.

Anda Little Miami
Little Miami Beach Resort

4. Check Out Lamanoc Island

lamanok point lamanoc island boat anda bohol
Source: www.backpackingphilippines.com

If you want to have an adventure, you can visit the mysterious island of Lamanoc. Lamanoc island is rumored to be haunted by spirits but with the rites performed by the local witch doctors you’ll be having a very good experience at the island. There are plenty of climbing steep stairs, walking on slippery limestone and the prehistoric relics found in the island’s caves are some of the adventures associated with the island.

You can go to Lamanoc island through a sail boat from Barangay Badiang. Most of the packages for the Lamanoc island tour is around P300 which includes the boat, guide and entrance fee of the island.

5. Scuba diving

Source: www.flower-beach.com

Anda’s stunning coral reef is unspoilt by tourism and they offer some of the most admirable and spectacular diving in the Philippines. Whether you are trying scuba diving for the first time or are already an advanced diver they have something for you. As well as over 14 kilometres of coral reef to explore, you can also start or continue your dive training.
Source:  FloWer Beach Resort

6. Snorkeling

With beautiful beaches and undisturbed marine life, snorkeling is one activity that you might want to try in Anda. The best time to snorkel in Anda is during high tide. You dont have to go deep and far to explore Anda’s underwater beauty.

7. Cliff diving

Cliff jumping at Bitoon Resort
Cliff diving at Bitoon Resort

Anda has a lot of rock formations on the cliff with a deep sea water below. If you are looking for some adventures you may try cliff diving at Bitoon Beach Resort. You’ll not be worried of what you’re going to jump due to clean and clear waters of the sea.

Cliff Jumping at Bitoon Resort 2

8. Mingle with the locals

Mingle with the locals
During low tide, most of the locals in Anda are gathering some sea urchins(suwaki) on the seashore. You may try to talk to them and ask for guidance on how to gather. You may also talk to some incharge of the resort. Andanons are very accommodating for your questions.

9. Visit Anda church

Anda Church
Anda’s church is also one of the places that you have to visit. The church was dedicated to Santo Niño, which was completed in 1926. The church may looks plain from the outside but it has some excellent paintings on the ceilings by the well-known artist Ray Francia, who decorated many of Bohol churches. Those in Anda are probably the best preserved, and well worth the trip.

10. Experience Dujanon Festival

Source: andabohol.gov.ph

Celebrated every 3rd Monday of January, is the town’s biggest and the only festival.  The feast is in honor of the Holy Image of Señor Sto. Niño de Anda.  This is characterized by street dancing and a rustic interpretative dance competition. Nightly programs showcasing the different sectors, organization are something to look forward to.  The festival was recently organized last 2012, with Rev. Fr. Jesus Frederick Camacho as the over-all organizer. Dujanon is a Boholano term which comes from the word “Dujan”,  a native crib use to make a baby sleep or stop crying while tied with a rope in both ends.  It is when somebody swings the “Dujan” from left to right with a baby on it that “Dujanon” comes alive.
Source: Anda’s Official Website

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