June 19, 2024

Exploring Anda, Bohol (Day 2)

Anda deserves to be recognized as one of the best in tourist destinations in the Philippines. With the positive articles written about the beautiful Anda, this town will surely be flocked by tourists soon. On our first day in Anda, we have already observed a lot of visitors on their town. Some of the visitors were foreigners from different parts of the world.

Anda white beach
One day is not enough to experience Anda so we decided to stay one more day. Defined below is the continuation of our adventure in Anda.

06:30AM to 07:30AM – Picture taking of the sunrise

Anda sunrise
Since we were having a good sleep at the Little Miami Beach Resort, we were not able to wake up early to watch the sunrise. But, the morning sun in Anda is still very beautiful. The reflection of the sun on the sea as it rises is very beautiful.

07:30AM to 08:30AM – Breakfast at the cottage of Little Miami Resort

Little Miami - Breakfast

After the picture taking, we had our breakfast at the cottage of our resort. We had bread with peanut butter and free coffee of the resort.

08:30AM to 09:30AM – Swimming at the white beach of Anda

Anda - swimming
Anda experience would not be complete without swimming on the waters of the white beach in Anda. The clean and clear waters of Anda proves that the environment is preserved and well-protected by the locals. If you are bringing your children with you, you don’t have to worry since the sea starts to go deep at about 15 to 20 meters from the shoreline.

09:30AM to 10:00AM – Travel to Combento Cave

To go to the Combento cave, we went to Anda market for the tricycle. Since it was Tuesday, we were able to roam around the market on their market day. Different products were displayed on the tents in the middle of their public market. It is noticeable that they don’t have a good public market yet to cater all the vendors. According to the vendors, they experienced difficult situations when there is a heavy rain.

We negotiated a tricycle driver to bring us to Combento cave with the fare of P50 each. I think P50 is too much for the fare to Brgy. Virgen. We passed on the rocky and slippery roads on our way to the Combento cave. The local government should improve their roads to bring comfort to their visitors. Unfortunately, the tricycle driver did not know the actual location of the Combento cave. This is also one observation, some of their attractions were not having a sign board.

10:00AM to 10:30AM – Bitoon Beach Resort

Cliff Jumping at Bitoon Resort 2
Since the tricycle driver did not know the exact location of the cave, we were dropped at Bitoon Beach Resort. The beach at Bitoon Beach resort was also beautiful. Upon our arrival at the resort, there were already 2 groups there. One group was swimming and skim boarding on the curve-like beach while the other group was on the rocky cliff and having fun on jumping on the sea.

Cliff jumping at Bitoon Resort

At the shoreline of the beach, we also saw the fisherman with a 3-kilo fish.

Big Fish at Bitoon Resort
10:30AM to 11:30AM – Combento Cave

Combento cave entrance
Since we had already passed the combento cave, we need to walk about 50 meters to get into the cave. The group that we had met at the Bitoon Beach Resort was also able to go to the Combento cave. The water in the cave was cold and very refreshing. The path down to the cave was very slippery so we were careful.

Combento cave path

The deepest part of the cave is around 8 feet deep. With the group of about 10, our stay in the cave was very enjoyable. After about 30 minutes of swimming, 2 koreans came and joined us.

Combento cave inside
11:30AM to 12:00NN – Travel from Combento Cave to Anda de Boracay

Combento cave to the highway is around 15 minutes walk. From the highway, we waited a tricycle(P10) for the Anda Market. From Anda market, Anda de Boracay is only 400 meters away.

12:00NN to 01:00PM – Lunch at Anda de Boracay

Anda de Boracay
To make our stay in Anda memorable, we had chosen to have our lunch at the famous Anda de Boracay. The pool in the middle of the cottages was very tempting to dive in. We ordered fish tinola and lechon kawali for our lunch. The beautiful resort and delicious foods of the resort made Anda de Boracay as one of the famous beach resorts in Anda.
Lunch at Anda de Boracay
01:00PM to 02:00PM – Preparation for checkout

The checkout time at Little Miami Beach Resort was supposedly at 12NN but there were no other guests on our stay so we were able to extend on our checkout time. We took a bath on the shower and packed our bags for our checkout of the resort. I recommend this resort not only with its beautiful beach but also with the very good service.

02:00PM to 03:00PM – Taking pictures at Anda Church

Anda Church
Our Anda trip was not yet over since we dropped at the Anda church. The church is famous because of the paintings on the ceiling of the church.

03:00PM to 03:30PM – Travel from Anda to Guindulman

Since it was already 3PM when we departed Anda, there were no trips of the van for Tagbilaran. We need to go to Guindulman to wait a bus or van for Tagbilaran. The tricycle I was referring above was not actually the same with the tricycles in Tagbilaran. They have a vehicle called “Rela” or “Motorela”. The motorcycle is attached with a 2-wheeled cart that can accommodate 8 passengers. We rode on the “Rela”(P30) for us to be in Guindulman.

03:30PM to 04:30PM – Waiting on the Van/Bus for Tagbilaran

Upon our arrival at Guindulman, there was no available van or bus. After 1 hour of waiting, we were able to ride on the Southern Star Bus(Ceres) with P80 fare.

04:30PM to 07:00PM – Travel from Guindulman to Tagbilaran

Travel from Guindulman to Tagbilaran is more than 2 hours. With the whole day trip in Anda, I was very tired that I was able to sleep during the travel to Tagbilaran. It was already dark when we arrived Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City.

07:00PM to 08:00PM – Dinner at ICM

Before we went home, we had our dinner at the food court of Island City Mall(ICM).

Two-day stay in Anda is not enough to explore all the attractions that Anda can offer. Anda is the most promising place in Bohol when it comes to tourism industry. With no doubt, Anda will be listed as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines in the coming years. But, this is possible if the people in Anda and the local government will help in developing their town and the attractions. For all those who want to have a quiet and relaxing place to stay, Anda is a perfect place for you.

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