July 19, 2024

And the winner of the Sandugo Street Dancing Competition 2014 is…BISU!

BISU! BISU! This word was repeatedly cheered during the Sandugo showdown at CPG Sports Complex. When the name of the university was called by the hosts to perform, loud cheers from the audience were heard in the entire sports complex. You can really feel that everyone is expecting a good performance from the university. The audience was not disappointed since the performers showed a well-performed presentation.

BISU really excelled on a lot of areas, from the props to the execution of the dance routines.
1. Elegant and colorful props
For every props used during the presentation, the crowd goes wild. It is obvious that the designs had undergone a lot of planning. Transitions from one props to another were executed cleanly thus producing designs that are pleasing to the eye.

2. Lively music
BISU’s performance started with a slow music to slowly present all the participants. As the performance progresses, the music goes lively which makes the whole performance very interesting.

3. Seasoned theme
Last year’s disasters were highlighted on their performance. After the recent earthquake, Boholanos were able to stand up and rebuild new Bohol. The crowd goes wild when “Bangon Bohol” phrase was shown on their props.

4. Street dancing performance
BISU also delivered a very good performance during the street dancing. The music and the dance routines really amazed the audience on the streets. With BISU’s lively performance, the university was also awarded as the Best in Street Dancing.

5. Well-organized
BISU always proves their organizational capability. Execution of their entrance and transitions from one formation to another was performed very orderly.

6. Attractive costume
Combination of yellow and red was the costume of BISU performers. Designs from head to foot were properly planned. It’s interesting to know that even their shoes were very similar.

7. Execution of the dance routines
Transition from one step to another and all the formations were executed properly. Even if they performed a fast beat music, they still did a very good performance. With that, they received the Most Synchronized Group award.


With the above list of positive aspects for BISU, the university was once again declared as the winner of Sandugo street dancing competition. The latest achievement of BISU is already its third time in a row. BISU-Candijay won the competition last 2012 while BISU-Clarin won last 2013.

After the announcement of winners, all participants jumped with joy and threw colored powders to express how happy they are. I was able to talk to some of the participants of BISU and they told me that were very happy with their latest feat. One reason is that they will get a 1.0 grade. I’m not sure if they will have the grades for all subjects or for P.E. subject only. I also heard that there might have a possibility that they will be joining the Sinulog Festival in Cebu this coming January. If BISU will be joining the Sinulog festival, every Boholano will surely be proud of BISU’s achievements.


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