April 22, 2024

Sandugo Street Dancing Competition 2014 – Complete List of Winners

12 contingents were able to perform last Sunday, July 27, on the Sandugo street dancing competition. CPG Sports Complex was so full of Boholanos who wanted to witness the sandugo showdown. Not only Boholanos were there, there were also visitors from other countries who witnessed the presentation.
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The street dancing competition started at around 1PM. The route of the street dancing started at Plaza Rizal to CPG Avenue to Tamblot Street to CPG Sports Complex. The proper program of the sandugo showdown started at around 4PM. Reenactment of Sandugo and speeches from different guests were also highlighted during the program. The show was hosted by Ardy Araneta Batoy and Atty. John Vistal.
List of the 12 Contingents (based on the order of performance):
1. Municipality of Anda
2. Municipality of Talibon
3. Holy Name University (HNU)
4. Municipality of Baclayon
5. Municipality of Mabini
6. Municipality of Antequera
7. Municipality of Catigbian
8. Municipality of Cortes
9. Municipality of Balilihan
10. Bohol Island State University (BISU-Calape)
11. City of Tagbilaran
12. Bohol Institute of Technology (BIT-IC)

After the sandugo showdown, there was a fireworks display. Plaque of appreciations and certifications were given to the 12 contingents and to the judges headed by Director Maryo J. de los Reyes.

Complete List of Sandugo Street Dancing Competition Winners:

Special Awards (P10,000 and plaque)
Best in Costume – Municipality of Balilihan
Best in Interpretation – Municipality of Anda
Most Authentic Group – Holy Name University
Most Lively Group – City of Tagbilaran
Most Colorful Group – Municipality of Catigbian
Most Disciplined Group – Municipality of Talibon
Most Unique Group – Municipality of Mabini
Most Synchronized Group – BISU-Calape

Minor Award (P30,000 and trophy)
Best in Street Dancing – BISU-Calape

Consolation Prizes (P10,000)
1. Municipality of Baclayon
2. Municipality of Antequera
3. Municipality of cortes

Major Awards
2nd Runner-up (P200,000 and trophy) – Holy Name University
1st Runner-up (P250,000 and trophy) – Municipality of Balilihan
Street Dancing Champion (P300,000 and trophy) – BISU-Calape

Congratulations to all the winners!


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