June 19, 2024

1st Baba Yap Dragon Boat Competition – Complete List of Participants and Winners

Teamwork, I think this is the formula to win on this kind of competition. Cooperation and dedication from every member of the team is required to reach the goal faster than the other teams.

Last July 26, I had witnessed a dragon boat competition for the first time. I thought that the people in Bohol are not yet aware or maybe not interested yet since this type of competition is very rare to happen in our province. I was wrong with my expectation since hundreds of Boholanos jam-packed the K of C promenade.

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There were 4 categories of the dragon boat competition (Tagbilaran City Inter-Barangay, Open, All Women and Mixed Crew). 32 teams were able to paddle during the dragon boat competition. The 32 teams were composed of 12 teams for Inter-Barangay, 13 teams for Open category, 3 teams for all women and 4 teams for mixed crew category. To determine if which team will win the competition for each category, the team must win all the 5 rounds (Time Trials, Elimination, Semi-Finals, Consolation and Finals).


Flow of the dragon boat competition:
1. The host calls the next competing teams for a category
2. The team rides on the boat to the starting point at Tagbilaran port
3. The coordinator at the port announces the start of the competition
4. The teams paddle 500 meters from the port to the finish line at K of C promenade
5. The committee records the result of the competition

List of Categories and Participants

Tagbilaran City Inter-Barangay:
1. Bool District
2. Cabawan District
3. Cogon District (Coca Cola Bottlers Phils. Inc.)
4. Cogon District (Tobacco)
5. San Isidro District (Holy Name University)
6. Dao District
7. Manga District (Team A)
8. Manga District (Team B)
9. Poblacion 2
10. Poblacion 3
11. Ubujan District
12. Taloto District

1. San Isidro HNU Marlins
2. Tubigon (Bakunawa)
3. BPPO Angels
4. Dauis Wild Dragons
5. Dragonista de Bohol
6. Hotel La Roca
7. Mayacabac
8. Habagat 7.2 (Maribojoc)
9. San Isidro Labrador
10. Totolan Blue Dragons
11. Tubigon (Aquagon)
12. Bruno – A
13. Bruno – B

All Women:
1. Team Mayor Che Baji
2. BPPO Angels and Saints
3. HNU Marlins

Mixed Crew:
1. Team Mayor Che Baji
2. San Isidro District HNU Marlins
3. BPPO Angels and Saints
4. Dragonista de Bohol

Thank you to the committee of the competition for allowing me to have a copy of the list of participants.

It is noticeable that each team has alloted a lot of their time for the practice. I don’t have any idea on how they were able to practice for this competition but I’m sure it takes a lot of effort since every individual has to consider the others in order to work as a team.
Complete List of Winners:

Mixed Crew:
1st Place – 2 minutes and 27’08 seconds – Team Mayor Che Baji
2nd Place – 2 minutes and 30’79 seconds – Dragonista de Bohol
3rd Place – 2 minutes and 37’52 seconds – BPPO Angels and Saints
4th Place – 2 minutes and 58’62 seconds – San Isidro District HNU Marlins

All Women:
1st Place – 2 minutes and 37’76 seconds – BPPO Angels and Saints
2nd Place – 2 minutes and 38’18 seconds – Team Mayor Che Baji
3rd Place – 3 minutes and 04’04 seconds – HNU Marlins

1st Place – 2 minutes and 21’41 seconds – Totolan Blue Dragons
2nd Place – 2 minutes and 21’88 seconds – Dauis Wild Dragons
3rd Place – 2 minutes and 22’31 seconds – Tubigon (Aquagon)
4th Place – 2 minutes and 23’00 seconds – Mayacabac

1st Place – 2 minutes and 23’20 seconds – Ubujan District
2nd Place – 2 minutes and 23’71 seconds – Manga District (Team A)
3rd Place – 2 minutes and 24’31 seconds – Poblacion 2
4th Place – 2 minutes and 26’08 seconds – Cogon District (Tobacco)

*Data of the time is from www.theboholstandard.com

This kind of competition really brings a lot of fun for Boholanos. Kudos to Mayor Baba Yap and the organizers for bringing the dragon boat competition in Bohol.
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Should this kind of competition be part of next year’s Sandugo activities? Would you like to join the competition by next year? Share your thoughts below.

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