June 19, 2024

Sandugo Song Festival 2014 – A Night of Boholano Songs with Eva Eugenio and Victor Wood

Original songs composed by Boholano composers filled the air last night at Bohol Cultural Center. Last night, July 25, was the Sandugo Song Festival 2014 performance night. There were 12 songs which were able to advance to the final round from around 40 submitted songs by Boholano composers. The song festival is a project of the provincial government of Bohol in cooperation with Tagbilaran City government and First Consolidated Bank (FCB).

Bohol Sandugo Song Festival 2014 Finalists:

Music & Lyrics: Ralph Maligro
Singers: Bobith Bieber Leuteria & Ralph Maligro

Music & Lyrics: Engr. Soc Saletrero
Singer: Floryn Rose Vergara

Music & Lyrics: Tony Paculba
Singers: Robert Namoc & Tony Paculba

Music & Lyrics: Joseph Gara
Singer: Joseph Gara

Music & Lyrics: Nathaniel Rafols
Singer: Nathaniel Rafols

Music & Lyrics: Johnrey Fuertes
Singer: Mercerdita Quiachon

Music & Lyrics: Engr. Soc Saletrero
Singer: Tom Cesar Vergara

Music & Lyrics: Rudy Tutor
Singer: Charmaign Bagotchay

Music & Lyrics: Joseph Gara
Singer: Nabela Gudito

Music & Lyrics: Johnrey Fuertes
Singer: Johnrey Fuertes

Music & Lyrics: Danilo S. Esdrelon
Singer: Danilo S. Esdrelon

Music & Lyrics: Paulito Gelig
Singer: Tony Reyes Racho

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The song festival started with the singing of Philippine National Anthem by all the composers and singers of the competition. Performances of the 12 finalists were showcased for about 1 hour of the program. Boholanos really love music. It is obvious that every Boholano felt every lyrics of the song. When a higher note has been hit by a performer, there were loud cheers from the audience. Boholanos were also able to jam with the music by waving the hands or producing a beat based on the music of the performed song.

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While the judges were tabulating the results of the competition, speeches from Governor Edgar Chatto and a representative from FCB were delivered. Governor Chatto’s speech focused mainly on how happy he was that the song festival is a success despite time constraints. According to him, the song festival started right after the Tagbilaran Charter Day last May 1. With that, there was only less than 3 months for all the preparations of the song festival. FCB representative’s speech was focused on how FCB supported and helped Bohol.

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To complete the song festival experience, the organizers invited two of the most popular jukebox singers of the country. Bohol was so lucky to have Victor Wood and Eva Eugenio to grace the song festival event. First to perform was Eva Eugenio. Everyone was amazed when she sang modern songs from the popular foreign singers, from Beyonce to Lady Gaga songs. She was able to tease Governor Chatto to do a song number with her. To the delight of the audience, governor Chatto was very prepared to sing an “Endless Love” song with Eva Eugenio. Of course, Eva Eugenio experience would not be complete without her smash hit, TUKSO.

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Boholanos were very excited to see Victor Wood. Hits like Portrait of My Love, You Are My Destiny, Mr. Lonely and other songs from Victor Wood were played to build the excitement of the audience for Victor Wood’s performance. Victor Wood performed his popular songs and mingle with the audience. Boholanos were able to have a handshake and a photo experience with the Jukebox King. To add enjoyment on the event, Victor Wood’s son also performed during the song festival. To complete the Victor Wood experience, he sang the “Portrait of My” Love song. Even though he has already aged, his voice is still amazing.

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To end the event, giving of awards and recognition to the judges and participants followed. Participants were judged based on the lyrics and musicality. One award was given to the “Best Interpreter” of the song while 3 major awards for the winners of the song festival.

Complete List of Winners:

Best Interpreter – Floryn Rose Vergara

3rd Prize Winner:
Music & Lyrics: Johnrey Fuertes
Singer: Mercedita Quiachon

2nd Prize Winner:
Music & Lyrics: Joseph Gara
Singer: Nabela Gudito

Grand Prize Winner:
Music & Lyrics: Engr. Soc Saletrero
Singer: Floryn Rose Vergara


After the event, original CDs featuring the songs from the song festival were displayed at the entrance of the Bohol Cultural Center. I bought 1 copy of the CDs and I really enjoyed all the songs. For those who are interested to buy the CDs, I think you may contact their fb page, Bohol Sandugo 2014.

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