April 22, 2024

International Fusion Cuisine Nights 2014 – Opening Day Experience

French breads, pastas, wines and other international foods are currently displayed at Plaza Rizal in Tagbilaran City. Restaurants of the popular hotels in Bohol are also joining the event. Of course, native and healthy foods from Bohol are displayed and ready to satisfy your cravings. The 7-day event is currently operating and will end on July 26. If you want to taste the foods, you can visit Plaza Rizal from 5PM to 10PM. While eating, you’ll be entertained by the performers from different organizations and schools in Bohol.



We went to Plaza Rizal during the opening of the event last July 20. We were not yet aware that we can dine at the venue. We thought that the event is just for viewing only. It is noticeable that the people in Bohol were not yet aware of this event basing on the number of visitors on that day.20140720-DSC_1034

During that night, most of the participants were busy on setting up with their stall. As what we had observed, foreign businessmen were able to participate on the fair. Gavroche French Bakery had caught our attention due to its unique designs of the breads. Olliwood stall was so lively since the owners were very energetic in entertaining the customers.

20140720-DSC_1039   20140720-DSC_1038

20140720-DSC_1059   20140720-DSC_1036

Some of the hotels in Bohol were also able to participate. They brought their popular dishes in the event. Panda Tea Garden Suites offered make-your-own pastas. Alona Beach also displayed some of the best local foods. Linaw Beach Resort presented a very nice table arrangement on their stall. They offered buffet and salads. Tarsier Botanika cooked rice toppings and other grilled foods on their stall.

20140720-DSC_1053   20140720-DSC_1051

20140720-DSC_1037   20140720-DSC_1035

Delicacies and desserts from Bohol were also displayed on the fair. Pa-initang Bol-anon never disappointed us to always provide their delicious foods (suman, sapin-sapin, puto and many others). Egay’s Farm Restaurant displayed their foods from native farm products (fresh vegetables, native chicken, goat and more). Municipality of Panglao also joined the event and displayed their processed meat products (chorizo, tapa, bacon, longaniza, etc.).

20140720-DSC_1049   20140720-DSC_1048

20140720-DSC_1047   20140720-DSC_1045

Since we were already full, we promised that we will be back to try some of the displayed foods. I was a bit shocked when one of the attendants of the stall called me. As I looked back, she’s my kababayan in San Isidro. To end our conversation, I asked her to pose for a picture.


It’s not yet too late. There are still 2 more days to enjoy and try all the displayed foods at the food fair. Here’s the schedule of events at Plaza Rizal.

                                                 DSC_1088                   DSC_1089

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