June 19, 2024

[VIDEO] BISU’s Winning Moment at the Sandugo Street Dancing 2014

BISU gyud! BISU gyud! I think those were the shouted words by the participants of the BISU contingent during the announcement of BISU as the winner of this years Sandugo Street Dancing competition. Indeed, BISU won the competition for the third time in a row.

First to announce during the announcement of major awards was the 2nd runner-up which was grabbed by HNU then followed by Balilihan as the 1st runner-up. I was positioned in front of the stage during the announcement of winners. The BISU contingent cheered every time a different name has been announced during the runner-ups announcement. I decided to get nearer with BISU to capture their reaction on the announcement of the grand winner. I have no idea yet if they will win the competition but I have high hopes that they will win.

Luckily, I was able to capture the winning moment of the BISU contingent. They were very happy and even jumped with joy like all their sacrifices have paid off. As the hosts shouted the “Padayon Bohol”, BISU participants jumped with joy even more.

Watch the video of the winning moment of BISU below.

I have also created a separate post on the BISU’s performance and the reasons why they were declared as the winner. I am very grateful to all the readers for using the social media to spread the BISU’s victory. As of now, the post has reached 60+ likes and around 50 shares considering this blog site is only up for just 2 weeks. You may access the article on the link below.

And the winner of the Sandugo Street Dancing Competition 2014 is…BISU!

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