April 22, 2024

35 Ways to Cook with Bago Leaves

Bago is not commonly displayed on the market but it is one of the major source of food in Bohol. The leaves of the bago tree can be used in soups and stews. The taste is slightly bitter but it is delicious when cooked with coconut milk and mixed with dried fish.

Bago trees or gnetum gnemon grows in southeast Asia and the western Pacific Ocean islands, Indonesia and Malaysia to the Philippines and Fiji. This wild veggie can usually be seen in the interior municipalities of Bohol. The tree usually grows to 15 to 20 meters tall. When choosing the leaves to cook, make sure to pick the new leaves.
Bago has been included on the vegetables to prepare in San Isidro during its culmination program of the Nutrition Month. Barangay Poblacion prepared a lot of recipes on how to cook with bago leaves. You may be familiar with some of the food below but you might be surprised with some of the combinations.

1. Bago leaves with coconut milk
2. Ginisang bago leaves (Stew Bago Leaves)
3. Monggo with bago leaves
4. Chicken with bago leaves
5. Beef soup with bago leaves
6. Pork soup with bago leaves
7. Lumpia with bago leaves
8. Mixed vegetables with bago leaves
9. Dried fish with bago leaves
10. Boiled bago leaves

11. Sardines with bago leaves
12. Fish with bago leaves
13. Cookies with bago
14. Scrambled egg with bago
15. Sinabaw na itlog with bago leaves
16. Meatball with bago
17. Banana cake with bago
18. Ground pork with bago
19. Manok halang-halang with bago
20. Pancit with bago

21. Ice candy with bago
22. Soso with bago
23. Crabs with bago
24. Bamboo shoots with bago
25. Puto with bago
26. Kinilaw bago with goso
27. Fried rice with bago leaves
28. Frog with bago leaves
29. Coconut shoots with bago leaves
30. Corn soup with bago
31. Butong lubi with bago
32. Nangka with bago
33. Squash with bago
34. Noodles with bago
35. Sotanghon with bago

Do you have other ways on how to cook with bago leaves?
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