April 22, 2024

McDonald’s Craze on the Opening Day in Tagbilaran City

At last, the new branch of McDonald’s in Tagbilaran City is now open. On its opening day yesterday, people were very enthusiastic and excited on the experience of the new McDonald’s branch. What’s making this popular among the Boholanos? Listed below are just some of my assumptions on why does this branch a hit among the Boholanos.

1. First drive thru experience in Bohol

When talking about convenience, drive thru is a plus factor. I think this is the first time that a fast food chain is providing a drive thru for the Boholanos. To experience this, Boholanos were patiently waiting on the line to experience this.

2. Spacious and modern design


The branch could accommodate a lot of customers. The interior design and the ambiance of the place are also tempting to stay and relax. A function hall is also present for meetings and parties but it has been opened for all on the opening day.

3. Kitchen is on the second floor


I’m not sure if this is true but people are saying that the preparation of the food has been done on the second floor of the building. After the food has been prepared, it will be passed on the counter area at the ground floor. When I checked the area, the fries have been prepared near the counter area.

4. Owned by the Du Ek Sam Corporation

Du Ek Sam corporation is already known to Boholanos to provide good quality service and products. Due to their popularity, people are very interested on their new business venture.

5. Towering McDonald’s logo


The McDonald’s logo outside of the building added some awareness to the Boholanos. No other business in Bohol has the structure as the logo of the new branch. This made the structure to be easily visible on all people who passes around the area.

6. The fast service


McDonald’s has been called as a fast food due to its fast service. The new branch also never fails with this. Despite the huge amount of customers, they were able to provide the food in a reasonable time.

7. Near the ICM, HNU and City Hall

The new branch is perfectly situated at the corner of J.A. Clarin and Calceta Streets. Accessibility to the Tagbilaran City hall, the Island City Mall and the Holy Name University

also added some factor on the number of customers. Some of the students who were eating at the opening day were still in HNU uniforms. People who were having their groceries at the ICM could have tried the newly opened store.

8. Promo tickets

Promo tickets prior to the opening day have been distributed on all interested customers. For a price of P160, the customer can enjoy the chicken meal, will have an umbrella and a chance to win a motorcycle for the raffle. As what I have heard, first 100 customers were able to get free McDonald’s Big Mac.

9. Live Band


The energetic music from the live band made the area more festive. Who would refuse to go to a place with a festive mood? The live band added the excitement and entertained the customers who are patiently waiting on their line.

10. The chicken, burgers and fries


Of course, the McDonald’s products are already known to be so good. People who are constantly passing by the area are already anticipating on the products. Just like us, we were always talking to have our lunch during the opening day. Sadly, we were not able to have our lunch due to the massive amount of customers. But, we had our snacks there.

Do you agree with the list above? Do you have other things in mind on what’s making this new branch a hit among the Boholanos? Whatever the reason maybe, this only proves that Boholanos are very open to welcome and experience new businesses.

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