June 19, 2024

Crescencia: Budding Cafe in Baclayon

Crescencia is slowly making a name in the cafe and restaurant business in Baclayon. This restaurant is an addition to the historical town of Baclayon. We all know that Baclayon is known for the famous Baclayon church and Baluarte but with the addition of this restaurant, tourists are now having a place to dine and relax as well.


Crescencia is located few steps from the famous Baclayon Church and the Baluarte in Baclayon. It is easy to notice because it is just near the highway of Baclayon. The cafe is currently operated by Gabriel Pestelos, son of Nestor Pestelos. According to the waiter that we asked, Crescencia is named after their grandmother who is still living at the 2nd floor of the ancestral house.


At first, you won’t easily recognize that cafe because it is at the ground floor of the ancestral house. But, the ancestral house is making the cafe unique. The cafe is currently utilizing the ground floor of the ancestral house for business operation. The cafe is open from 10AM to 10PM based on what they have posted at the front door.


Upon entering the place, we were amazed with the good ambiance of the place. The foundation of the house is made up mainly of woods. With some renovation being done to operate the business and the addition of air conditioner, Crescencia is a comfortable place to dine.


One thing I noticed on the cafe is the presence of various game cards and boards. Sungka set is also there for those who would like to play.



Displayed on the cafe also are various handcrafted products which I believe are products of Boholanos. The cafe also offers various delicacies which is perfect for “pasalubong”.



I have already tried the cafe twice and I can say that the cafe is worth the money. The first time that I experienced the cafe was with my coworkers. We were looking for a unique place to have our lunch and a little discussion about work. So, we have to travel around 30 minutes from Tagbilaran City to reach Crescencia in Baclayon. For lunch, we have ordered pork, chicken, seafood and some vegetables. Out of all the food that we have ordered, I can say that the Buffalo Wings is a must try. Since we have our meeting there, we stayed at the cafe for about 2 hours after our lunch.



During our snacks, we ordered hot chocolate or sikwati for about P50. We also ordered crepe (apa) to pair with the sikwati. After our stay at Crescencia, we were so full that we were having a hard time to get back to Tagbilaran.



On my second visit at Cresencia, I was with the members of the Bohol Bloggers Collective. The group has been served with the delicious halo-halo. Their halo-halo is a perfect dessert for summer. After some fun activities or touring around Bohol, halo-halo at Crescencia cafe is a good choice also.


If you happen to visit Baclayon, you have one to add on your list of places to visit in Baclayon. The cafe is a perfect combination of food and history because of the ancestral house.

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