June 19, 2024

Hearty Grill and Restaurant

One of the famous barbecue houses in Tagbilaran City is the Hearty Grill and Restaurant. If you are craving for some barbecues and looking for a cheaper place, Hearty Grill is the perfect place for you. It is located in 3M. Torralba St., at the back of DCPNHS. The place is open to anyone who would like to dine in or take out the foods. They serve different parts of chicken barbecue, fried chicken, drinks and desserts.


If you are with a big group who would like to dine on the place, make sure to be early at the restaurant to secure a table to dine. 6 to 7PM is just okay since people start coming at the place at around 7PM.


How to Order:
1. Upon entering the restaurant, you may notice a lot of people lining up on the window. The line is for the taking of orders so follow the end of the line.

Here’s the menu:


2. Pay your orders.

3. After paying, you’ll receive 2 papers. One is the original copy of your orders and the other is a carbon copy.

4. Give the original copy to the in-charge of the grilling area and keep the carbon copy.

5. Look for your seat to dine in.

6. Wait for around 15 minutes for your orders to be served.


7. Once the food is ready, they’ll just shout the person’s name on the paper.

8. Food is now ready. Time to eat. 🙂


By the way, they don’t serve any utensils for eating so you need to wash your hands at the washing area near the grilling area. You’ll enjoy the taste of the barbecue even more if you eat with bare hands.


If you are looking for places to dine in Tagbilaran City, add the Hearty Grill and Restaurant on your list.

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