June 19, 2024

Chocoreich Cafe

Sikwate or hot chocolate is the main product of this new cafe in Tagbilaran City, the Chocoreich Cafe. When I was still young, I used to drink sikwate at home. Most of the time, sikwate had been paired with puto maya or biko(both made of sticky rice) as our afternoon snacks. This new cafe brings a new style to the classic drink of Boholanos, the sikwate. Sikwate is a hot chocolate from tableya(tablets of cacao). Tableya is made from cacao beans that are dried, roasted, milled and formed into tablets.

Address: H. Grupo corner Gallares St, Tagbilaran City
Operating Hours: 9:00am – 9:30pm Daily
Free WiFi: Yes
Contact Number: (038) 501 9854

We maybe able to create our own sikwate at home but the cafe offers unique and different variations of sikwate which suites the modern taste of Boholanos. The cafe has just started its operation 3 months ago. In a span of 3 months, they have already created a craze here in Tagbilaran City. Most of the batch reunions, barkada outings and different meetups are currently held at the cafe. Why does the cafe a hit for Boholanos? Because, the cafe meets the traditional drinks of Boholanos and the taste of the modern youth. Plus, the owner of the cafe is very approachable and knowledgeable of her business. The cafe is owned and managed by Engr. Dalareich Polot. With the learnings she got from the chocolate-making scholarship in Belgium last year, she knows what’s best for Boholanos.


I have been at the cafe for about 2 times already. My first visit at the cafe was when I was with my former officemates. The trip back to Cebu for one of my officemate was rescheduled to the evening trip via Weesam. Since we have a lot of waiting time for his trip back to Cebu, we made a decision that we will spend the time to hang out at Chocoreich Cafe. My second visit was with my fiancee. Going to the Chocoreich cafe was one of our plans to visit since it has opened 3 months ago. But, due to problems with the schedule we were not able to visit the cafe right away. With this, the cafe is a perfect place to hangout with friends and your special love ones.

If you are not yet familiar of its address, it is near the BQ Mall. You just have to go to the Gallares Street and you’ll immediately notice the sign for the parking area from the Gallares entrance of BQ Mall. Follow the sign to the BQ Mall’s parking area and you’ll notice the cafe on one side of the street. The cafe is situated on a 2-storey building with a sign board of its name. The cafe could accommodate around 12 to 15 guests. The place is just small for now but the owner plans to expand its area if the business will be doing well for 6 months.



As you enter the cafe, you’ll immediately notice the paintings, cacao-like designs of the lights and the posted messages of the customers on the wall. The smell of the sikwate at the place would definitely give you excitement to taste their products. Here is the menu of the cafe.



From the menu, I have already tried the listed foods below and I strongly recommend these products on your visit at the cafe.

Best served with chicharon

Mint Choco Smoothie
Refreshing mint taste

Oreo Choco Smoothie
Oreo cookies on the smoothie


If you are going to satisfy your hunger or looking for something that would match the refreshments, they have cakes, red velvets, cupcakes and other desserts. These products are subject to availability. The prices of the foods ranges from P30 to P80.



For party giveaways or souvenirs, they also offer various packages of chocolates. They can also customize to suit on your desired design and package.



On one side of the cafe, collections of the different chocolates from around the world are displayed. This is a manifestation of how passionate the owner of the cafe in the chocolate industry. Since cacao is the main ingredient of their products, they displayed also the cacao, the beans and the tools used on the old-style of making hot chocolates. Since their business has started with selling tableas, they also include their tableas on the display.


A great addition on your visit at the cafe is the learning that you could get from the owner of the cafe. Dalareich is very eager to entertain its customers with questions related to chocolate making, tablea industry and even her experiences. Her ambition is to educate the Boholanos on the misconceptions about hot chocolates or sikwate. If you would like to talk with her, you just have to contact their number above to know if she is available on your visit at the cafe.

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