May 28, 2024

Honda’s Motorcycle Fun Event in Bohol

Honda’s legacy of creative innovation, outstanding customer service and how it empowers its customers through its motorcycles that are the hallmarks of freedom, convenience and power was proven by a whole-day motorcycle fun event at B.Inting Street, Tagbilaran City last February 7, 2015. The activity’s primary goal is to educate the Honda’s loyal customers on proper handling and guidance of their motorcycles. Groups of motorbikers from the towns of Tubigon, Ubay and Talibon in Bohol were able to participate the event.

The activity kicked-off with a parade by the participants. The event was made more exciting with the presence of Motocross Champion, Jovy Saulog, and Jordan Herrera. They gave the participants the training on proper handling of their motorcycles as well as tips on how to develop their skills. After the training session, the participants were brought to the race track specially built for the event for the hands-on activities.


We were able to talk to the Promotions Unit Head, Ms. Joy Maranan, who came all the way from Manila, about the activity. She said that it was their first time to conduct that type of activity. Bohol is very lucky to be chosen as the venue of the event for the Visayas region. Due to popularity of Honda motorcycles in Bohol, Honda had given back the opportunity to Boholanos to enjoy the event. By next week, they will be conducting the same event in Cagayan De Oro City.


Interested participants for the fun race were listed for the afternoon activity. Around 20 motorbikers were able to participate and gave their best on the race track. The fun race was divided into 2 categories, Open Category and XR125 Race Category. Four motorbikers competed on the first round of the open category with motorcycles from Honda but in different models. Two motorbikers from the first round advanced to the final round. For the 2nd round of the competition for open category, 5 motorbikers were competing to be part of the 3 motorbikers to advance on the final round. For the XR125 Race Category, 8 motorbikers were competed to advance to the final round. From the 8 competing motorbikers, only 5 motorbikers were able to advance to the final round.



Jordan Herrera was one of the participants of the XR125 Race Category. He won the competition with a close competition with #41, Rolando Jessie. Since Jordan Herrera was a celebrity guest, he was not declared as the official winner.



Here are the winners of the Open and XR125 Race Categories.

Open Race Category:
3rd Place: Gomer Peralta
2nd Place: Nixon Jr.
1st Place: Nico Redulla


XR125 Race Category:
5th Place: Remegio Kim Antasuda
4th Place: Erwin Napitan
3rd Place: Archie Japos
2nd Place: Bong Dacs
1st Place: Rolando Jessie


Honda Philippines also launched the latest model of their motorcyles, XR150L. They welcome the brand new year by introducing its newest motorcycle that’s designed to take everyone’s riding experience beyond limits. Participants of the event were able to have the chance to use the new motorcycles. Boholanos were very lucky since this is the first time that the model has been introduced to the public.



After the race, we had the chance to talk to Jordan Herrera about his experiences on his stay in Bohol. He was very thankful to Honda Philippines for bringing him to Bohol for the event and to the Boholanos for always supporting him whenever he is in Bohol. He said that it was his 4th time to visit Bohol. His last visit was a basketball game with Rommel Montano. He admitted that he had already visited the famous tourist attractions like the Chocolate Hills in Carmen and Panglao beaches.


The event ended successfully with the awarding of helmets for the winners and certificates to all the participants.


With Honda Philippines’ decision to hold the activities in Bohol, this will surely make the Boholanos to keep on patronizing Honda motors.

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