June 19, 2024

A Chance to Talk to the Graduating Students of BISU-Balilihan Campus

Who says programming is difficult? Not for all since programming is fun for these graduating Computer Science and Information Technology(IT) students of BISU-Balilihan campus. I still remember all the exams that we need to pass when I was still a student of computer engineering years ago. We have to make the program run or else we will get 0 as the score. The grading system is 100 points for running the program and 0 for not. After almost 7 years when I graduated, I was able to face the students who are now going to graduate and has the same experience as I have when I was still a student.

Faces of excitement and fears of what the graduating student’s future career might be were noticeable on the graduating students. BISU-Balilihan’s Dean of CTAS and instructor Dr. Benjamin Omamalin requested me weeks ago to talk in front of the graduating students to share my experiences on the actual IT industry, latest IT trends and processes involve in the software development. Due to my desire to impart my experiences on the graduating students and to give them some overview of what is IT industry, I accepted the request to give a talk to the graduating students.

Talking in front of the graduating students was very challenging since I have to make my topic relevant and useful for them. As a graduating student, the main focus would probably be on how to get a job. So, I started on how I was able to get my first job and what were the challenges that I had encountered. I also included the actual project development on my speech to prepare them on the possibilities of working on a software development company. To give them some overview on what industries could possibly be a boom for this year, I had given them the latest trends on IT that could change the traditional businesses today.

Another speaker of the seminar was Engr. Chylene Saraspe. She focused her speech on giving tips on how to get hired when applying for a job. As a web developer, she is very knowledgeable on the latest trends on web designing which sparked an interest on the graduating students. The students were able to interact with her on asking on what programming languages are better to use.

The seminar ended with the giving of certificates to all the participants. With all the topics and informations that we had given to them, we hope that we had given them the guidance on the actual IT industry. Most of all, we hope that they could get a job as soon as possible. On our part, giving talks especially when it is related to your profession is very overwhelming. It was a good feeling to share your experiences with them and they are also interested on hearing your ideas.

Seminars related to software development and informations regarding IT industry are a good way to establish IT here in Bohol. Establishing an IT sector here in the province is very challenging since most of the industries here are not yet adapting on the latest trends. With proper education on the importance of IT sector, more people would be interested in joining the different activities related to IT development.

A community here in Bohol, Techtalks Tagbilaran, is currently making efforts to establish the IT sector. A monthly meetup is conducted to gather all the IT enthusiasts to talk on the possible developments for Bohol. For those techie people, Techtalks also cater seminars/discussions on the latest programming languages. If you are interested in joining those events, you may like the Techtalks Bohol’s page to get updated with the latest activities.

What are your suggestions to make the IT community in Bohol to be active? Share your thoughts below.

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