July 19, 2024

Bohol’s Ubi Festival 2015

When we talk of Ubi, Bohol is one of the producers in the Philippines of this crop. Ubi is very popular in Bohol since Ubi grows best in the province. Due to abundance of Ubi in the province, several delicacies in Bohol have been mixed with this crop. Calamay which is the very popular delicacy of Bohol has already added ubi flavor.

I have already heard about Ubi festival way back years ago when I was still in college but I don’t have enough information about the festival by that time. This festival may not be as popular as the Sandugo Festival but this is one way for Boholanos to be thankful for the good harvest of ubi in the province. Ubi Festival started last year 2000 and it is being held every January of the succeeding years. Based on my research, the festival has been held every January since Ubi are usually harvested on the month of January. The festival is now on its 15th year.

Torta with Ubi Flavor

How many varieties of ubi do you know? For me, I know of one variety which is the ubi kinampay. For those who doesn’t know about ubi kinampay, the town of Corella has been known as the grower of this variety and it is the main ingredient of ubi jam. When I roamed around the exhibited ubi products at Plaza Rizal, I realized that there are a lot of varities of this crop. Here are some of the ubi varieties that were displayed during the exhibit; Apali, Camote, Kabus-ok, Cagay-anon, Iniling, Balanghoy, Liko, Binanag, Tam-isan, Kapong-oy, Binugas, Baligonhon and Kinampay.

The 15th Ubi Festival was held last January 21 to 23, 2015 with the theme, “Ubing Bol-anon Tubag sa Kagutom ug sa Nagka-usab nga Panahon”. During the festivities, several programs were lined up by the provincial government including the Best Booth, Highest Sales Volume and Literary Musical Competition. These events were held at Plaza Rizal with the ubi harvest exhibit which was participated by the different towns in Bohol.

Boholano Delicacies

When I heard about the ubi exhibit at Plaza Rizal, I immediately went to the location to witness the showcase of different varieties of ubi here in Bohol. They were not only exhibiting the ubi in Bohol but they were also showcasing the creativity of Boholanos on the designs of each town’s booth.

Here are some of the participating towns on the 15th Ubi Festival in Bohol.

Municipality of Alburquerqueubi-festival---albur

Municipality of Antequera

Municipality of Alicia

Municipality of Balilihan

Municipality of Carmen

Municipality of Cortes

Municipality of Dauis

Municipality of Lila

City of Tagbilaran

Municipality of Dagohoy

Municipality of Baclayon

Municipality of Corella

Municipality of Jagna

Municipality of Sikatuna

Municipality of Panglao

Were you able to visit the exhibit at the Plaza Rizal? You don’t have to worry since the Ubi Festival will be back by January of next year.

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