July 19, 2024

ICM’s Mannequins Live 2014 – Complete List of Winners

14 males and 13 females battled for the title as Mannequins Live 2014 Winner. The grand finals was held at the Island City Mall’s activity center last January 3, 2015. Only 1 male and 1 female were declared as the emerging winners among the total of 27 participants. The mannequin live contestants were the winners of the monthly rounds of the competition. The contestants had already undergone a lot of activities to test how deserving they are for the title.

During the grand finals last January 3, the contestants undergone different rounds of competition. First round of competition was for the swimwear competition wherein the contestants displayed their well-maintained body. One of the major criteria in judging was about the vital statistics of the females and the masculinity of the males. The 2nd round of the competition was the themed costume. Each contestant has worn different themes of outfit such as the costumes of the ancient times, greek costume, and even the time with Adam and Eve. Based on the combined scores of the preliminary rounds, grand final’s first and second round, the top 5 contestants of the competition were declared.

Before the announcement of the top 5 of the competition, the winners of the special prizes were awarded. Here are the winners of the special prizes of the Mannequins Live 2014 competition.

Best in Photoshoot – Male: #12 Neil
Best in Photoshoot – Female: #8 Leizley
People’s Choice Award – Male: #7 Artmel
People’s Choice Award – Female: #4 Dawn
Best in Freestyle Attire – Male: #1 Marlon
Best in Freestyle Attire – Female: #9 Petche
Best in Swimwear – Male: #3 Mac
Best in Swimwear – Female: #10 Angelica
Best in Themed Costume – Male: #10 Dave
Best in Themed Costume – Female: #10 Angelica
Mr. Inner-G: #3 Mac
Miss Bio-Clear: #11 Rizza
Mr. Pond’s: #11 Renz
Miss Pond’s: #6 Jilian

Here is the list of the top 5 for the male and female contestants of the competition:
1st Male Top 5: #1 Marlon
2nd Male Top 5: #3 Mac
3rd Male Top 5: #10 Dave
4th Male Top 5: #12 Neil
5th Male Top 5: #14 Paul

1st Female Top 5: #1 Abby
2nd Female Top 5: #3 Liezel
3rd Female Top 5: #4 Dawn
4th Female Top 5: #9 Petche
5th Female Top 5: #10 Angelica

In order to select the winners of the Mannequins Live 2014, the top 5 of the male and female contestants walked the stage again in swimwear. After few minutes of waiting, the 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up and the winner of the Mannequins Live 2014 competition were declared.

Male 2nd Runner-up: #14 Paul


Female 2nd Runner-up: #1 Abby

Male 1st Runner-up: #12 Neil
Female 1st Runner-up: #3 Liezel

Male Mannequins Live 2014 Winner: #3 Mac
Female Mannequins Live 2014 Winner: #10 Angelica



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(Other links are still to be updated…)

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