June 19, 2024

Bryan Termulo on Miss Silka Bohol 2014

Bryan Termulo graced the coronation night of Miss Silka Bohol last September 26, 2014 at Island City Mall. He performed 3 of his famous songs; Kailan, Dadalhin and Sa Isang Sulyap Mo.

During his first appearance, he serenaded the 14 lovely ladies. As he approached each contestant of Miss Silka Bohol, he sang a line of the song and gave a kiss on the contestant. With a kiss from Bryan Termulo to the candidate, there was also a loud cheers from the audience.

Here are some of the pictures of Bryan Termulo serenading the Miss Silka Bohol candidates.







During his second appearance, Bryan Termulo noticed the group of girls from the audience. He then called one of the girls to join him on the stage. The girl still in uniform was hesitant to come up stage but later convinced to join with him. Bryan Termulo performed the Dadalhin song while teasing the girl from the audience. To make the audience more alive, he hugged the girl and even did some nose to nose.







For his last song, he sang Sa Isang Sulyap Mo while he shook hands with the audience. Non-stop cheers from the audience filled the activity center of ICM during his performance. Bryan Termulo thanked to all the Boholanos who constantly keeps on supporting him. He also promoted some of his shows including ASAP every Sunday on ABS-CBN.

Indeed, Bryan Termulo is very popular here in Bohol.

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