July 19, 2024

This is How Boholanos Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Bohol has becoming more exciting with the different activities that are lined up for Boholanos. The traditional giving of flowers or chocolates are still there but there are a lot of twists and fun activities added to make the celebration more exciting. On social media, the preparations of the upcoming celebration is very noticeable. Here is one message that is currently circulating online.

Asay mas hadlok?
Friday the 13th?
Single nig 14?
Way sweldo nig 15?
Or balik klase nig 16?

Whatever your status might be this Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of ways that you could still enjoy the day. Valentine’s day is not just for lovers but for everyone who are in love since there are different types of love. Whether you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love ones, friends or just being alone, you may participate with these activities.

1. Delivery Services
This type of service is currently becoming popular to businesses here in Bohol. Most of the customers of this type are those who are abroad. Since they cannot give their gifts to their special someone this Valentine’s Day, businesses are offering services for deliveries of flowers, chocolates and other forms of gifts.

Chocoreich Cafe, managed by Dalareich Polot, started accepting orders as early as the beginning of February. They are offering various packages for the orders which includes flowers and Ginto Luxury Chocolates. According to Dalareich, she was receiving overwhelming number of orders but mostly are coming from the Boholanos abroad.

Chocoreich Cafe package

Maam Vina Antopina is also offering chocolate deliveries for Boholanos. Here is her post on her facebook account.

Friends, you may now start browsing all these valentine treats for your love ones. We got an array of chocoflavorful goodness for you to choose from. Affordable. Homemade. Best Quality.
For Tagbilaran deliveries/meet-ups and single orders you may contact this number 09105182471 starting Monday, Feb 2.
For wholesale/bulk orders, resellers, shipments you may PM me directly.

valentines-maam vinaThey are currently having more than 70 packages for their clients. If you are interested to buy, you can contact Maam Vina on the number above.

2. T-shirt’s Color Coding
Even if the 13th of February was on Friday, some of the students were not able to wear their uniforms. This is because of the program which circulated online which has been actively participated by the students here in Bohol. By just looking at the color of the t-shirt, you can immediately know the status of that person. Even if you are not a student anymore, how about wearing t-shirts based on the definitions below?

BLUE – Engaged/married
RED – Taken
VIOLET – Inlove (unrequited)
GRAY – Inlove (it’s Complicated/mutual)
GREEN – Available/searching
BROWN – Stalking
ORANGE – Playing
SCHOOL UNIFORM – No time 4 love/ snob
PINK – Confirmed
YELLOW – Happy single
BLACK – bitter/brokenhearted

3. Valentine’s Concerts and Parties
Bohol is already adapting to different activities related to parties and concerts. Since Valentine’s celebration is for the lovers and there are a lot of ways to express the love to your love ones, Valentine’s concerts and parties are already gaining popularity in Bohol. Due to exposure of the Boholanos to Electronic Dance Music, White Tank Tops Party is one event to watch out on Valentine’s Day.

valentines-white tank top
Boholanos are also looking forward on different concerts from invited guests from Manila. Here is one concert that will be held on Valentine’s Day.

4. Restaurant Promos
Since restaurants in Bohol are starting to be patronized by Boholanos, a lot of restaurants are now offering various discounts if you dine on Valentine’s Day. There are other restaurants who are offering eat all you can promos to cater the lovers on their date. Check out your favorite restaurant here in Bohol, they might have joined the craze and offered discounts.

5. School Gimmicks
Valentine’s celebration are also enjoyable inside the campuses within Bohol. With the introduction of different gimmicks for the students, the Valentine’s celebration has becoming one of the most awaited event of the school year. While I was roaming around BISU-Main Campus, I was able to observe different activities that would ignite the lovers to participate on the events.


6. Decorations
To feel the love of everyone, Bohol establishments and buildings were able to decorate their places with Valentine’s decorations and special messages. Pictures of lovers, cut out Cupid’s pictures, heart-shape designs and many other forms of decorations are now displayed.

7. Social Media Messages
Boholanos are also adapting to the latest in technology. Special messages and pictures of the girls holding flowers and chocolates are now circulating online. A lot of Boholanos expressed their love to their special love ones using the social media sites like facebook, twitter and other sites.

These are just few of the ways on how Boholanos celebrate Valentine’s Day. Since Boholanos are known to be lovers, Boholanos always find ways on how to express our love to our love ones. One example that certifies that Boholanos are indeed loving is the lyrics from the popular Boholano song with lyrics, “Ang Bol-anon buotan gayud, magmahal kanimo hantud sa kahangturan.”.

Happy Valentine’s Day mga Sano ug Sana!

How were you able to celebrate your Valentine’s Day? Share your experiences below.

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