June 19, 2024

Alupi: Bilar, Bohol’s Delicacy

Have you already heard of Alupi? Or, have you already eaten Alupi? Most of us are not yet aware of this Boholano delicacy. Aside from the Bilar Man-made Forest and Bilar Shiphaus, Bilar is also known of its delicacy, the Alupi. You may not be able to see this delicacy in other places in Bohol since it can only be bought in Bilar.

Alupi can also be considered as a variety of suman. Alupi derived its name from the Cebuano terms of its ingredients, A-Lu-Pi. ‘A’ stands for “asukal” or sugar, ‘Lu’ for “Lubi” or coconut and ‘Pi’ for Pilit or glutinous rice. Alupi is a mixture of all the ingredients, often steamed and wrapped with a banana leaf. Alupi can be eaten by tearing the banana leaf which wrapped the food. On every bite of the food, you’ll taste the sweetness of the sugar, the young coconut and the milled glutinous rice.

If you happen to pass by the town of Bilar upon going to Carmen, there are vendors who are going to sell inside the bus. My first taste of alupi was when I went to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park(CHAP) in Carmen. The town of Bilar is located in between the towns of Carmen where the Chocolate Hills are located and the town of Loboc where the Loboc River Floating Restaurant can be found.

If you have details on how to order for alupi, please share below.

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