July 19, 2024

Acacia de Bubu – Pick-What-You-Want Barbecue Restaurant

Acacia de Bubu is already popular in Tagbilaran when it comes to cheaper but tastes good barbecues. But, where did Acacia de Bubu get its name? Others would say that bubu would mean dull-minded but it’s not. Bubu got its name from the 2 streets where it is located, Burgos and Butalid. The Acacia in its name would simply refer to the big acacia tree in front of the restaurant. Yes, the big acacia tree is the landmark for you to immediately notice the restaurant.
acacia de bubu - barbecue
To have your order, you’ll be the one to pick the desired parts of the chicken or pork to be grilled. According to some customers, the restaurant had only started with a small place way back 7 years ago. Acacia de Bubu has just turned into 7 years last July 18. Due to its popularity in Bohol, many have already been convinced to try the barbecue place.

How to order?
1. First, you have to find for your table to dine. If you have a company with you, you may ask him/her to stay at the table for reservation since others might not know that you are already occupying the table.

acacia de bubu - area
2. Plates or other containers are already piled up on the table so you’ll have to get yours for you to place your orders.

acacia de bubu - pick
3. Choose any parts of the chicken or pork to be grilled. They also have chorizo, longganisa and other processed meat products.

acacia de bubu - menu

Pork —- P6
Belly — P13
Paa —– P40
Petso — P40
Wings — P28
Back —- P16
Neck —- P11
Skin —- P11
Atay —- P16
Baticon – P16
Pork Fat – P13
Isaw —- P6
Hotdog — P20
Chorizo – P15
Liempo — P80

4. Line up on the cashier area for your orders to be calculated.
5. Go to the cashier to pay your order.

acacia de bubu - order
6. You’ll be given a paper with the list of your orders with the total amount and an order number.

acacia de bubu - number and order
7. Waiting time for your order to be served is around 15 to 20 minutes but it varies based on the quantity of your order.
8. Once your order is ready, they’ll be looking on the numbers on the tables so make sure to display your number.

Inspite of the numbers of people coming, they still managed to serve the food fast and still with good quality. The place would usually get crowded at around 7PM to 8PM. If you are with a big group, the restaurant can still accommodate you. They have a lot of tables and plastic chairs and they also have a spaceous area, around 12m x 5m. If you have a car, you don’t have to worry since they have a wide area infront for your car to be parked. When you think of a barbecue house, you might associate the area with a smoky place. But, Acacia de Bubu managed to keep the area clean and away from smoke.
acacia de bubu - park
We have tried Acacia de Bubu several times. The delicious barbecues, the service of the crew and the cleanliness of the area made us to always dine at Acacia de Bubu.

Location: Burgos cor Butalid St., Tagbilaran City
Operating Hours: 11AM to 2PM; 4PM-11:30PM

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