May 28, 2024

Krèshe: Teas, Snacks and Desserts

Address: Ground Floor, Bagtazo Bldg., Janssen Heights St., Dampas Dist. Tagbilaran City
Operating Hours: 10AM to 9PM Daily
Free WiFi: Yes
Contact Number: 09985443449; 09428443449

kreshe - entrance
Tea houses are already popular in Cebu and other parts of the country. That made Geneth Balaba to venture into teas, snacks and desserts business. She got the idea when she was still studying in Cebu. Ms. Balaba had just graduated last March with a major in Marketing. According to her, everytime she’s in Bohol, she’s looking for something to refresh like teas. For her, she wants the Boholanos to experience the new trend of the tea houses.

Krèshe is currently on its soft opening so you’ll be expecting more foods and more fun on the coming days. The tea house started to serve its customers last September 1. Upon entering Janssen Heights Street (HNU High School), Krèshe is located on the first building on the left side of the street. It is easy to locate since it has a big Krèshe tarp on the building.
kreshe - tarp
Things you can do at Krèshe:

1. Refresh yourselves with the cold teas

kreshe - menu
Krèshe offers a lot of tea choices. During our visit, we tried Taro milk Tea, Hazelnut Latte Milk Tea and Mocha Coffee Milk Tea. With the board games that they can offer, you’ll not notice that the drinks and the food are already served.

kreshe - order with scrabble

Serving time of the orders would take around 10 to 15 minutes but it depends on your order.

kreshe - taro milk tea
Taro Milk Tea

2. Satisfy your hunger with the snacks and desserts

kreshe - foods
Krèshe also has a lot of choices of their snacks and desserts. The owner of the tea house bakes some of the displayed foods. Some of the foods are cupcakes, banana chips, sandwich, macaroons, brownies and many others.

kreshe - cupcake
Krèshe cupcakes

We tried brownies and egg-pineapple sandwich. The egg-pineapple sandwich was delicious. You should try that on your visit at Krèshe.
kreshe - snacks
3. Play with the popular board games

kreshe - playing pick up stick
While taking a sip of the tea or eating the desserts, playing board games made the stay at Krèshe more fun. During our stay at the place, at first we tried to ask for a monopoly game but since most of us were not familiar we switched to scrabble. There are a lot of choices for the games; scrabble, monopoly, snakes and ladders, pinoy henyo and many others.

4. Get some inspirations with the sayings on the wall

kreshe - saying 4

kreshe - saying 1
Inspiring messages are posted on the wall. If you want some inspiration, you can have it at Krèshe.

kreshe - saying 3
5. Make studying fun

When you’re having a hard time studying at your boarding house or looking for a new place to study, Krèshe is the answer to your problems. You can bring your books and study while sipping a glass of tea.

6. Bring out the child in you

kreshe - playing customers
The place is divided into different designs of cribs. You can play and dine at the crib just like when you were just a child. They also provide some stuffed toys and pillows for you to make comfortable of the cribs. The crib would be able to occupy around 5 to 6 people. What makes the crib experience more interesting is that you’ll just sit on the floor covered with foam.

kreshe - after
If you’re looking for a place to chill during this rainy season, Krèshe offers a perfect chillin’ place at their cozy cribs. Bring your friends and special someone on this unique place in the city and experience the new Korean inspired tea house.

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