April 22, 2024

Tamper Coffee & Brunch

Together with some of the members of the Bohol Blogger’s Collective, we had the chance to meet the owner of the Tamper Coffee and Brunch, VJ and Pam Racho, at the location of their coffee shop. Since most of us are wondering where does the name of their coffee shop came from, we had the chance to ask the owner of the shop. According to VJ, the coffee shop’s name has been derived from the “tamper” that has been used in making coffee.

“Tampers are tools used to pack (or “tamp”) espresso grounds into the basket of an espresso machine. The purpose of a tamper is to pack the grounds evenly for a quality shot.”
Source: the spruce


Relaxing place

White and elegance. That is how I could describe the place. The peaceful aura of the place is enough for you to relax while sipping a cup of coffee. If you prefer to have your coffee outside, they also have a good place outside of the shop.

Good food and coffee

The shop is offering not just coffee but also food for breakfast and lunch. When I was at the shop, I was able to try Strawtella Smoothie, mixture of strawberry and Nutella. I’ll give a thumbs up for the beverage. You should have to try it too. According to the baristas, that was one of the bestsellers.



Friendly crew

Having a friendly staff is an added factor for you to stay at the shop. Yes, they have it. Their crews are very welcoming and accommodating.

Keeping up with the trend

Just Sizzlin’ is known to Boholanos not just having a good food but also how they handle their digital marketing. With the success that they have gained in Just Sizzlin’, they are also applying it to Tamper. As you can see, all their social media posts, have been very well thought out. What I have noticed at the shop is the presence of a tablet containing a gallery of their coffee and food. They are keeping it up with the new generation.

The cup

While sipping my coffee and talking with my fellow bloggers, I noticed a cup with designs on it. I asked VJ, the owner of Tamper, about the cup. He immediately grabbed the cup and showed it to us. It was doodled by his friend. If they will be having enough time, they are planning to mass produce the cup to serve as souvenirs for their customers.

Tamper is a perfect place to unwind after the busy day. Have a cup of coffee to take your stress away!

P. Del Rosario Street corner CPG East avenue
Tagbilaran City 6300
Contact Number: (038) 422 8551

Facebook page: Tamper Coffee & Brunch

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