June 19, 2024

Just Sizzlin’s ROASTED

Just Sizzlin’ is now offering their new creation for the Boholanos. This popular restaurant in Bohol is now adding ROASTED. ROASTED is a shop for the widely popular boneless lechon belly and roasted chicken. Their roasted products have been oven-roasted to perfection.

If you worry about buying too much for the occasion, ROASTED are selling their roasted chicken by the quarters. You can also choose different flavors instead of a single flavor for one whole chicken. You can also add Chili Oil to make any flavor spicy.
Price: P55 per quarter
Roasted Chicken flavors:
* Classic
* Sweet Barbecue
* Herbed
* Lemon grass

For the ROASTED PORK, it is now currently sold by 100 grams so it’s very budget friendly. No need to over-buy and over-spend. You can also choose to add chili oil to make it as spicy. If you are having a party, you can order these in full slabs.
Price: P60 per 100 grams
Roasted Pork flavors:
* Classic
* Spicy

photo from Bohol Blogger’s Collective facebook page

They are also selling rice and drinks to make it more convenient to take-out a complete meal for any trip, occasion or even a simple meal. By doing this, this is perfect for Bohol as a top tourism destination in order for tourists to avoid the hassle.

photo from Bohol Blogger’s Collective facebook page

Just Sizzlin’ is currently setting a change in the mode of payment for their ROASTED products. They are accepting cash or credit/debit card. According to them, they are the only restaurant in Bohol that accepts credit/debit cards for freshly roasted lechon belly.

photo from Bohol Blogger’s Collective facebook page

Call ahead or send them a message to make advanced orders for parties and events. They’ll cook you a fresh batch so you’ll get your ROASTED LECHON BELLY fresh, crispy and very tasty.

Try it now and switch to the latest ROASTED LECHON BELLY in town!

FOR ADVANCED ORDERS, please contact:
(038) 412-0902
(038) 422-8551
0932 569 8352

Website: www.justsizzlinph.com

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