April 22, 2024

Shakey’s Pizza is Now in Bohol

For pizza lovers in Bohol, this good news is for you. Yes, Shakey’s pizza is already available in Tagbilaran City. The Bohol branch of Shakey’s pizza opened last November 14 at City Square building, infront of BQ Mall.

shakeys place

The restaurant is currently setting up a sound system wherein the song of Shakey’s pizza is repeatedly playing. “Let’s all go to Shakeys” is a catchy song that could attract the people passing along CPG Avenue. If you are not yet familiar of the song, here is the tv commercial of Shakey’s pizza.

Due to curiosity and desire to try the newly-opened Shakey’s pizza here in Bohol, we went to the pizza house during the opening day. Unfortunately, we were not able to dine at the newly-opened restaurant due to overwhelming response of the Boholanos. There were many customers who were waiting and lining up at the entrance of the restaurant. We may not be able to dine at Shakey’s pizza at that time, we will surely be back to taste their delicious pizzas.

shakeys customers

shakeys entrance
With the addition of Shakey’s pizza in Bohol, Boholanos are now having a lot of choices of restaurants to dine. This is a good indication that business in Bohol is really blooming. So, if you love Shakey’s pizza, you can check them out at City Square.

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