June 19, 2024

Boholana Sisters on The Voice of the Philippines

The Quiachon sisters made the Boholanos to feel proud last weekend. Most of the Boholanos were excitedly waiting for their performance on the popular tv show, The Voice of the Philippines, last Sunday.

According to the introduction of their segment, Bohol is not only known for the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier and the beautiful beaches but also with the popular sisters in the province.

Mecerdita Quiachon, 19 years old, and Liezel Mae Quiachon, 18 years old, joined the blind audition of The Voice of the Philippines last Sunday. Based on the video presented, aside from studying, the sisters also joined on various singing competitions here in Bohol. The sisters showed their trophies and medals which they got from the competitions they had won. The sisters admitted that they have little misunderstandings sometimes but they share common interest on how they show their love for Daniel Padilla.

Luis Manzano personally handed the invitation of the sisters to join the blind auditions at the house of the Quiachon sisters in Tagbilaran City. Luis asked the sisters if are they not having difficulties to handle when they are competing at singing competitions but they will come home at the same house. The sisters told that they support each others performance since the money that they could get from the singing competitions is for their family.

Mecerdita Quiachon’s Performance:
According to Mecerdita, she joined The Voice because she wanted to improve their lives financially. The Voice was a blessing from God that had been given to them.

According to Bamboo, Mecerdita was lacking on the emotion which is very important when singing.
According to Lea, she liked 3 singers who were singing “Listen”. The first one is the original version which is from Beyonce. The second performance was from Charice when she performed at Glee. The third performance was from Darren Espanto. The three artists that have in common is the emotion wherein they emphasized that the audience should listen to the message that they wanted to relay.
According to Sarah, she believed that Apl could motivate and guide her on the reason why they were not turning during the blind audition.
According to Apl, he agreed that there are couple of things that they need to fix but he enjoyed the courage and the fighting spirit of Mecerdita.

Apl welcomed Mecerdita to his team with a hug.

Liezel Mae Quiachon’s Performance:
According to Liezel, she was in the competition because she thought that she has a purpose.

According to Apl, Liezel was able to hit all the high notes but he needed to hear the cry of the song like really missing somebody.
According to Bamboo, it is not just about hitting the high notes but also of the emotional connection when singing.
According to Lea, Liezel already has the high notes but it was inconsistent. Lea advised Liezel to practice more for her to hit the high notes effortlessly.
Sarah asked Liezel if who were her musical influences or favorite artists. Liezel answered by saying the name of her sister, Mecerdita.

Mecerdita was once again called on stage and the sisters performed a duet of Tell Him. The judges appreciated their very beautiful duet which made Apl to give them a standing ovation.

Thank you Mecerdita and Liezel for bringing the name of Bohol at The Voice of the Philippines show. Good luck for more opportunities of your singing careers.

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