June 19, 2024

The Voice of the Philippines: Christian Montañez

Another Boholano talent had conquered the blind audition of The Voice of the Philippines last Sunday, November 16. He was introduced on the show by saying that the traits and values of a true Filipino is still there wherever he may go.

He is Christian Montañez and he is 22 years old. He is originally from New York but he is currently studying in Bohol. His father is a Boholano and his mother is from Manila. Christian, together with his 2 brothers, grew up in the States learning the American tradition but they were still in touched with the Filipino culture. Even though they changed to adapt to the American culture, they were still valuing the important Filipino culture. He joined the competition because he thought that the competition is a great opportunity for him to become the person he wants to be.

Christian Montañez Performance:

Spotted during Christian’s performance was the former PBB contestant of Bohol, Cathy Remperas.

cathy remperas

During the judges’ comment, Christian admitted that he can’t understand Tagalog very well.
According to Lea, she was looking for clarity. She was looking for the kind of story that Christian was going to tell because she was not able to get the entire thing or the whole package. With Christian’s performance, Lea admitted that she was only hearing the words marry and rude.
According to Sarah, she thought that they were rude to him since they were not turning their chairs for him. Sarah praised Christian’s beautiful voice but Sarah admitted that he was lacking on the energy and the clarity of the performance.
Bamboo praised Christian for being awesome. Bamboo advised Christian to continue what he is currently doing. They were not able to turn their chair because they were wanting more from Christian’s performance.
According to Apl, Christian has a nice voice but it just lack of diction and the energy.

Christian Montañez may not have managed to turn one judge for him but he was adored by the Boholanos for bringing the name of Bohol and for the courage of taking the blind audition.

If you are going to judge on Christian’s performance, would you turn your chair for him? Share your thoughts below.

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