June 19, 2024

Tagbilaranon Sings “Happy” at The Voice of the Philippines

A man from Tagbilaran City made his blind audition at The Voice of the Philippines last Sunday, November 23. He was introduced as the man who would like also to be known as The Actor of the Philippines.

He is Humfrey Nicasio and he is 24 years old. He was asked by Robie on his reason for joining the competition. He quickly answered that he would like to enter showbiz. He gamely gave a sample of his acting skills with his mother who was also game with the challenge.

Humfrey admitted that he joined the competition in order to be famous and his compositions would be heard since that is his hobby and work. He also mentioned on the show that he already has a girlfriend. When he is writing songs, he considers his girlfriend as his source of inspiration.

Humfrey Nicasio Performance:

During the discussion with the judges, he was asked if who is his inspiration in life. He answered that his inspiration is his girlfriend, Daffodil.

According to Apl, Humfrey was slightly lacking on the energy.
According to Bamboo, he believed that Humfrey was in good hands with the 2 ladies who were able to turn for him.
According to Sarah, she liked Humfrey’s song choice. Sarah felt the happiness in Humfrey’s heart while he was singing although she noticed that Humfrey felt a little nervous.
According to Lea, she had no comment on the singing part. She felt happy listening to Humfrey and she was just smiling while listening to his song. If there’s one thing that Lea would like to work on Humfrey, that is his diction. Lea assured that she is a great help if Humfrey would like to work hard and fix his diction problem.

Before Humfrey was able to made his decision, the coaches were able to brag about their previous wins, Sarah for The Voice Kids and Lea for the Season 1. Bamboo interrupted them that they were just giving in for the ladies since ladies first.

Humfrey said that he needs a teacher for his diction so he picked Lea as his coach. Lea advised Humfrey to start reading aloud so that he may hear his voice and correct his diction. She added that before the Battle Round, she would like that Humfrey’s diction has already improved.

Congratulations Humfrey Nicasio for making it to the Battle Rounds. The Boholanos are looking forward in seeing more performances from you. Good luck!

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