June 19, 2024

Mash-Up Master of Loboc: Mark Anthony “MAKOI” Calipusan Dalagan

Mark Anthony “Makoi” Calipusan Dalagan is now making a name in the online community. One of his videos went viral when he sang a mash-up of the popular songs to the tune of The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go”. The video has already reached 90 thousand views.

The video has already captured the attention of some websites. One of the websites featured Makoi’s video as one of the Top 10 Most Entertaining Filipino Mash-Ups Ever.

Here is the video of Makoi’s mash-up video.

The song started with The Calling’s Wherever You Will Go followed by the song Next in Line, Buloy, The Dawn’s Salamat, Fallin’, Sunod sa Galaw and Walang Sabit. He sang all the songs very well despite having a drinking session.

Makoi also has a compilation of all his recorded videos. You can view it on his youtube channel.

Here are the top 6 of the most viewed videos on his youtube channel.

6. All of Me – 11, 547 views

5. I’ll Be – 12, 349 views

4. Mash-up 2 – 14, 252 views

3. Pangako – 14, 340 views

2. Kahit Kailan – 22, 514 views

1. Through the fire – 52, 310 views

According to his facebook page, he is now currently out of the country. Mark Anthony Dalagan is a certified Lobocanon and Boholanos are very proud of his talent. Boholanos are also looking forward for more entertaining videos from him.

For the link of the website that listed his video as one of the most entertaining mash-up, you can see it here.

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