April 22, 2024

A Boholano in It’s Showtime: Jundie Villarin

Boholanos are known for being creative. That is how Jundie Villarin showed during the PINASikat segment of It’s Showtime last Tuesday. He performed a song number with the accompaniment of Villcorp, his improvised musical instrument.

photo from It’s Showtime’s offical facebook page

Jundie Villarin is from Barangay Montesuerte, Carmen, Bohol. He is the second of the 10 siblings. To try his luck in Manila, he left Bohol last year and work as a caretaker of the houses for sale in Antipolo. According to him, Villcorp is a combination of his surname and his ex-wife. He is now happily living with his current partner.

During his performance, he sang Bonnie Tyler’s If I Sing You a Love Song with his Villcorp which left the audience, hosts and the judges in awe. Everyone was amazed with his talent and the way he created his musical instrument. According to Karylle, the instrument is like harp while Kuya Kim followed up that the instrument is a combination of guitar and harp.
villcorp According to Jundie, the instrument was made from the broken cabinet. After putting some strings from a guitar, it sounded well. The tune of the instrument is based on the organ instrument and it has tunings at the back.

One of the audience, madlang people, considered the performance as good due to his beautiful voice and his unique instrument. Jhong Hilario, one of the judges, stated that he was not only in loved with his voice but he is also proud because Jundie is playing with his own musical instrument.

Luckily, Jundie Villarin won the daily competition with a score of 9.3. He will be back this Saturday for the weekly finals.

Good luck Jundie on your performance this Friday! To view his performance, you may see it here.

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