July 19, 2024

Have a Break at Cogon Terminal

Cogon Terminal is not only for the jeepneys and buses but you may also take a break and have a snack at the surrounding stores. If you want to taste some of the popular home-cooked foods in Bohol, you may pay a visit and try the foods at the stores in Cogon.

DSC_1169It was a gloomy afternoon when we decided to have a break and we were looking for something to eat. We were looking for food aside from the breads and burgers that are popular in the city. It was then that one of our friends suggested us about the store inside the Cogon Terminal. According to him, the store is popular because of its delicious sikwate(hot chocolate) and bibingka(rice cake). So, we decided to go to the Cogon terminal to try some of the foods.

While we were at the Cogon terminal, we were not able to notice the stores right away due to jeepneys inside the terminal. We passed the jeepneys and looked for the stores behind the jeepneys. There are a lot of stores at the terminal but Daday Refreshment store has caught our attention. Daday Refreshment store were having a lot of customers and mostly were taking a sip of the delicious sikwate.



One of the waitress provided us a place to seat. The place is just small, around 4m x 6m. The customers will just sit on the stools around the store. Some of the customers were just taking out their orders while others were eating on the store. Since we already have a comfortable place, we just dined on the store. Some of the displayed foods were sikwate, bibingka, banana cake, puto, breads and other desserts. For sikwate, you can add milk for the same price(P12). The milk blended well with the sikwate thus making the sikwate more delicious. Most of their foods are priced at around P12 which is cheaper compared to the stores inside the malls.


DSC_1170If you are looking for a cheaper and delicious foods for a break, pay a visit at Cogon terminal.

Do you know of some perfect place for a break? Please recommend those places on the comment box below.

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