July 19, 2024

Persona Mesa – Fine Dining Experience in Bohol

If you are looking for a fine dining experience in Bohol, Persona Mesa is a perfect place. Persona Mesa has just opened last July 25. The restaurant offers great food and a relaxing place for all its customers. According to the waiters, the place has renovated to cater all the food lovers. In case you might be wondering, the previous name of the place is That’s Aroma. The restaurant is located along J.A. Clarin Street, around 10 minutes’ walk from the entrance of HNU-Dampas.


Due to curiousity of the food and the place, we tried persona mesa last weekend. The restaurant has a wide area for parking. If you have your own vehicles, you don’t have to worry because the place can accommodate that. Since we were waiting at some of our friends, we decided to stay outside. The restaurant is divided into 2 areas. If you want to dine while breathing fresh air, you can decide to stay at the outside area. They have tables and chairs outside that could accommodate around 20 guests. If you prefer to dine at a cooler place, you can choose to dine inside. The inside area can accommodate around 25 guests.

If you want to relax first and not to dine right away, you can stay at their waiting area. They have a comfortable and relaxing place. While waiting for our friend, we asked the waiters for a menu for us to decide on what to order.

You can select the following from their menu:

* Starters (Sisig Triangles and Tokwa’t Baboy)
— Price Range: P120 to P150
* Soups & Salads
— Price Range: P80 to P160
* Signature (Persona Spareribs – P270)
* Favorites (Pork, chicken, salmon and beef)
— Price Range: P210 to P370
* Pasta & Sandwiches
— Price Range: P140 to P210
* Desserts (Caramel Mango Tower and Toron with a Twist)
— Price Range: P120 to P140
* Beverage (coolers, hot drinks, beers and special wines)
— Price Range: P40 to P80


For us to relax, we decided to dine inside. Some interesting ancient figures are also displayed on the walls of the restaurant. You’ll have to wait around 15 to 25 minutes for all the orders to be served.

DSC_1197    DSC_1196

Table is now ready! Itadakimasu!

Pineapple and Cucumber (P85)
The taste of the cucumber blends well with the tast of the pineapple. You’ll have to try this on your visit at the restaurant.



Pinoy Batchoy (P85)
Noodle soup with pork liver & chicken breast strips, shrimp, crushed pork cracklings



Persona Spareribs (P270)
Sweet sticky & lip smacking fall off the bone braised pork ribs grilled with special seasoning sauce



Lechon Kawali with Dips (P210)
Deep fried pieces of pork belly with crisp and crackling skin served with 3 dips



Seafood Pasta (P210)


After 🙂

Persona mesa is a must-try restaurant in the city. You’ll surely love the place and the foods.

persona mesaJ.A. Clarin Street (Cogon District), 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol

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