May 28, 2024
NGCP temporary tower

Electricity is Back (3 Months after Typhoon Odette)

Bohol was covered with darkness after the strong typhoon Odette hit the province last December 16, 2021. Power restoration took a lot of time due to the damage that the typhoon has left. Lines were cut due to fallen trees and some electric posts need to be replaced. Since Bohol is dependent from the Leyte power source, transmitting the electiricity from Leyte to Bohol had a problem because of the destroyed towers in Pitogo Island and Ubay.

Last January, some parts in Bohol were able to have electricity but higher cost was implemented. Power source during that time were from the diesel barge in Ubay and the diesel power plant in Dampas, Tagbilaran City.

Last February, temporary towers to connect the line from Pitogo Island to Ubay to transmit the electricity has been built. During this time, more areas were able to have electricity but mostly on the backbone lines (only essential establishments and offices as well as houses along the way).

This month, March, the restoration on the lateral lines (not along the highway) has started. It is during this time that our power has been restored. It was not an easy job also for the BOHECO linemen to fix our line because they have encountered some troubles.

Waiting for the power to get back is really tiring. We felt some disappointments and being hopeless on the chance to have the electricity back. I know that there are still a lot of areas in Bohol that are still waiting for the power to get back. And I know also that the BOHECO personnel are working hard to have the electricity restored. I just hope that their target of April 15 to have all the lines restored will push through.

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