July 19, 2024

Normal Power is Back in Bohol!

When almost everything has gone back to normal in Bohol, Boholanos were met with surprise when electricity was once again cut off last April 11, 2022. After suffering about 3 months of no electricity, the power source in Leyte was not able to transmit electricity to our island, Bohol, because of the damaged towers due to the landslides as a result of typhoon Agaton.

There was no electricity for the first 2 days. Scarcity of water was once again observed. On the third day, power has been generated from the power barge in Ubay and the Dampas Diesel Plant. Since generated power is not enough for the consumption of the entire island, power rationing was implemented.

One week after the electricity was cut off, it was back to normal last April 18, 2022. NGCP (National Grid Corporation of the Philippines) has temporarily erected a tower to restore the connection. They still have to plan for the permanent restoration of the affected towers. With this situation, we can still expect to have power interruptions in the coming days. One reason is to move the connection to the permanent tower in Ubay as previously damaged by typhoon Odette.

Because of these situations, it is already time to have our own source of power. I’m not sure if what is the provincial government’s plan for all these crisis. In a developing world, electricity is really a great factor to cope up with it. Most of the Boholanos are now working from home and electricity is a must. I just hope that in the near future, we will be having our own source of electricity.

Gilbert Samuya

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