May 28, 2024

Red Tierra de Agaton: Red Land at the Top of Calape, Bohol

This breathtaking and unique attraction in Bohol is quite different from the usual tourist attractions in the island. Bohol is known for the beautiful beaches and the Chocolate Hills but the attraction in Sohoton, Calape, Bohol is waiting for you at the highest place in their town. If you are looking for a place with fresh air and a view of the Bohol Sea, this Red Land fits on your adventurous desire.


Red Tierra de Agaton, also known as “Puwang Yuta ni Lolo Agaton”, is located in Brgy. Sohoton in the municipality of Calape. Calape is located 41 kilometres (25 mi) north of Tagbilaran City. Brgy. Sojoton or Sohoton is situated at approximately 9.8616, 123.9130, in the island of Bohol. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 393.4 meters or 1,290.7 feet above mean sea level. Its red land is due to its high iron oxide content.

Entrance Fee: P20 per head
Opening Hours: 8AM to 6PM

Things to Do Around

Upon entering the place, you’ll immediately take a look at the overlooking view of the Calape town and some of the islands. There are several instagrammable spots for you to take a picture.

  • Enjoy the overlooking view of some islands in Bohol
  • For kids, there is a small playground with swing and the seesaw
  • Several platforms (recycled tires, bird design, heart-shape and circular arcs) for picture taking with the islands as the background
  • Take a look at the wishing wheel instead of a well
  • Pass the bamboo bridge
  • Climb at the small tree house
  • For groups, a big frame is setup for picture taking with the red land as the background
  • Surrounding the area are various ornamental plants
  • Relax at the shed while eating and enjoying the view
  • And, take a picture/video with the unique red land

Personal Experience

There has been a whole-day blackout in Bohol when we decided to try at the Red Tierra de Agaton. With us during the trip was my mother who keeps on saying that it takes 1 more peso fare and it’s already sky, “piso na lang plete, langit na!”. Yes, the travel towards the place keeps on ascending with some fear of the cliff on one side of the road. It takes us around 30 minutes to arrive at the place. We were just keep on asking if how far is the red land. When we arrived at the attraction, we were immediately delighted of the uniqueness of the red land. We have immediately paid the entrance fee since it was already 4PM. Our arrival was good enough to take good picture of the place and not to suffer from too much heat of the sun.

The scenery from the top of the constructed platforms was really fascinating. We have seen the whole town of Calape and its neighboring towns. Aside from that, the islands of Panggangan in Calape, Sandingan and Cabilao in Loon and some islands in Tubigon can be seen from our spot. In addition to that, the cool breeze also made our stay very refreshing.

We stayed at the place for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Since there is a good spot for making videos, we have tried to create our version of the human drone. We have brought some snacks with us since there was no store to buy foods there. It was almost dark when we started to descend. We have noticed that there are a lot of hawks and crows in the area. There is this tree which was full of crows. The experience was really unique because you can really get closer with nature.

How to Get There?

  • You may ride a motorcycle (habal-habal) from the Calape Public Market and ask the driver to take you to Puwang Yuta ni Lolo Agaton. Fare may very depending on the negotiation with the driver.
  • If you have a car, take a road going to Loon from Calape Public Market. It is just only about 100m from the Calape Parish Church.
    Travel time is about 30 minutes from the main road.

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