June 19, 2024

San Isidro Culminated the Nutrition Month Celebration in a Unique Way

Our town, San Isidro, culminated the nutrition month celebration last Thursday, July 31. To highlight everyone’s awareness on healthy living by eating vegetables, the municipal government has initiated a competition wherein an assigned vegetable has to create as many recipes as possible. Each barangay of the 12 barangays in San Isidro has already chosen a vegetable to prepare based on drawing of lots. With the assigned vegetable, they have to cook different food in order to win the competition.

I don’t have the list on the number of recipes each barangay has prepared but I was able to talk to some of the representatives per table. Barangay Poblacion made 35 types of food from Bago leaves, Barangay Causwagan created 26 types of food from Malunggay while Barangay Candungao cooked 85 types of food from Monggo. This only proves that the people in San Isidro are very resourceful when it comes to cooking.

One of the competitions is to present the specialty or the best food from each barangay.
See pictures below for some of the well-prepared food.

Brgy. Caimbang – Sisig with Upo
Brgy. Cansague Norte – Ice Cream na Puso ng Saging
Brgy. Cabanugan – Kinuskos nga Gabi
Brgy. Cambansag – Sayote Pizza
Brgy. Abehilan – Manok Giluto sa Tuba
Brgy. Baryong Daan – Steamed Eggplant with Egg
Brgy. Baunos – Squash Maja
Brgy. Causwagan – Suman Tiktik with Malunggay
Brgy. Cansague Sur – Batong Float


3rd Place – Brgy. Poblacion

Brgy. Poblacion – Banana Cake with Bago Leaves

2nd Place – Brgy. Candungao

Ice cream with squash and monggo
Brgy. Candungao – Ice cream with Squash and Monggo

Winner – Brgy. Masonoy

Brgy. Masonoy - Ubod roll sandwich
Brgy. Masonoy – Ubod roll sandwich

The nutrition month culmination also started with a different way of having a parade. The parade was divided into 2 groups. One group, composed of mostly high school students, started at Inambacan Bridge while the other group started near Canmunay. Both groups ended at San Isidro Gymnasium, the venue of the program.

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*photos during parade are taken from facebook accounts of Jonathan Tocmo and Maam Marilou Lauron

Photos taken during the culmination program

20140731-IMG_3162 20140731-IMG_3157 20140731-IMG_3155 20140731-IMG_3152 20140731-IMG_3083 20140731-IMG_3077

20140731-IMG_3071 20140731-IMG_3070 20140731-IMG_3053 20140731-IMG_3041 20140731-IMG_3035

The most awaited part….lunch.


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