May 28, 2024

Behind the scenes of the Sandugo Street Dancing Competition 2014

Thousands of spectators attended the Sandugo Street dancing competition last Sunday at the CPG Sports Complex. All seats in the bleachers were already occupied. Even the ground where the contingents will perform was almost full. This only proves that this year’s Sandugo showdown is a success.

I was one of those who were not able to come early at the grandstand since I watched the performances of the contingents on the streets. When I arrived at the venue, there were already thousands of viewers. I positioned myself beside the stage to have a clearer view of the participants. I was disappointed since there were a lot of people who were blocking my view. To enjoy the moment, I decided to roam around the sports complex and observe the behind-the-scene happenings.

The participants

The spectators

Solo pictures

The pose

While waiting

The props

With the calamity that Boholanos had encountered last year, this event is an indication that the people in Bohol had already risen and ready for new Bohol.

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