July 19, 2024
Bohol Expo 10

Plantita Alert! Bohol Plant Expo 10 at BQ Mall

Plantita and plantito, this update is for you. There is an ongoing expo at the BQ Mall atrium for all the plant lovers. This is a one-week event showcasing the beautiful plants. It started last Friday, March 4, 2022. Most of the plants that you like are there. There are a lot of exhibitors so you’ll have a lot of choices also. You may feast your eyes also on those plants.

The exhibitors are also willing to give you some ideas and insights on how to grow plants. Just don’t hesitate to ask questions. Within the exhibit, you may buy some pots and fertilizers also. Like us, we have asked like where to put the plant, okay for direct sunlight or not and when is the perfect time to propagate.

Here are some pictures taken inside the exhibit.

Gilbert Samuya

True Boholano. Bohol still has a lot to discover. Amping ug pag ajo-ajo mo kanunay! :)

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