April 22, 2024

Boholic.com is now BoundBohol.com!

For the past years, this site has been inactive on posting updates in Bohol. It started last 2014 with the goal of promoting Bohol, the tourism, culture and the Boholanos. I believe this site has accomplished to promote Bohol during that time. The site covered various activities and places in Bohol. But due to various reasons, the updates have been minimal.

It started with boholic.com as the name of the site. It is sad to say that I have to let go of that site’s name. There are times that I was inactive in posting updates so I was not able to renew the domain name and has already been taken by someone.

I miss giving updates on latest happenings in Bohol so I decided to get back on blogging about Bohol. Since the previous domain name has already been taken, I registered a new domain name, boundbohol.com.

I just hope that this time I’ll give you consistent updates. I have a lot of plans on the contents that I’ll put on the site as well as probably innovate the site to make it more interactive.

As a quick update about Bohol now, our beloved province is slowly recovering from the damages of the strong typhoon Odette. It was probably the strongest typhoon that hit Bohol. The experience on that night of the typhoon was traumatic. It has already been 2 months since the typhoon has hit the province but there are still a lot of areas with no electricity. Aside from that, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the province. These are just some of the updates in Bohol. There are still a lot to cover especially on how Bohol recovers from the calamity and the pandemic.

So, join me as I cover the happenings and beautiful places in Bohol. That is the reason why I have this site’s tagline as “Bound to explore Bohol!”.

Gilbert Samuya

True Boholano. Bohol still has a lot to discover. Amping ug pag ajo-ajo mo kanunay! :)

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