June 18, 2024

Zumba Activity at BQ Mall

Lively music, people shouting and energetic dance moves greeted me when I entered BQ Mall yesterday. At first, I wondered on what they were doing. But as I went nearer to the Atrium, there were around 30 to 40 Boholanos who were dancing with the Zumba instructor. The atmosphere was so lively and everyone was enjoying the activity offered by BQ Mall.


The free Zumba activity which was offered by the BQ management is a good move in order for Boholanos to stay fit. The activity has been embraced warmly by the Boholanos who are eager to get sexier and live a healthy life. Upon watching at the participants of the Zumba activity, it made me realize to flex some muscles once again in order to get fit.

BQ mall is offering this kind of activity to all Boholanos. You can check their schedule at their official facebook page. They usually hold the activity at around 6pm to 7pm at the BQ Mall Atrium.

Here is the video of the Zumba activity and the view of the BQ Atrium from 4th floor.

Invite your friends and join the fun at BQ Mall Atrium.

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