May 28, 2024

Plaza Marcela’s 18th Anniversary

Plaza Marcela has been serving the Boholanos for 18 years already. As a way of giving thanks to all the Boholanos for the continued support, they were able to give discounts, prizes and entertainment during its anniversary celebration.


One of the highlights on its anniversary celebration was the 3-day sale last April 19 to 21, 2015 which was graced by a local celebrity, Neil Coleta. Neil Coleta’s presence in Tagbilaran City started with a motorcade at 8 in the morning last April 19.


With discounts up to 50%, Boholanos were able to flock to Plaza Marcela. I was one of those who was interested to shop at the famous supermarket here in Bohol. The number of shoppers who were able to shop at Plaza Marcela at that time was higher compared to the usual number of shoppers. Wherever you may look inside the supermarket, markers on the discounts on various items were displayed. They were not only offering discounts but prizes also for the lucky shoppers. For every 500 pesos of the total items, the customer had been entitled for one game.

The game was shooting the rings on the poles. For one entry, you are given 5 rings to shoot to the 5 poles. If you were able to shoot 1 ring, you are given a consolation prize. If you shoot 2 rings, you are given a minor prize. For 3 to 5 rings that you were able to shoot, you are qualified to play the major prize. On the major prize, you just have to roll the dice. You have to make sure that the top of the dice would display “Plaza Marcela” in order to claim the major prize. During our game, we were able to get 1 consolation prize, 1 minor prize and 1 major prize. As a reward, we were given a Loreal item for the consolation prize, short pants for the minor prize and 1 long sleeves for the major prize. Aside from the discounts, we were able to bring home additional items for free.



It was already 9PM when we stepped out of the supermarket. Outside the supermarket was the huge number of people who were watching the show offered by Plaza Marcela to all its customers. The venue of the show was in a good site since they were able to setup outside of the mall which catered a lot of people to watch. During the show, roads leading to Plaza Marcela were closed to give way on the ongoing show. The show was highlighted with the presentation of the Kalokalike competition by the Plaza Marcela employees and Dance Trio. Most of the people on the crowd were waiting on the appearance of Neil Coleta.



Plaza Marcela has indeed marked a milestone on its service and operation in the province of Bohol. Plaza Marcela which is referred as the discount store will surely continue its service to Boholanos for more years to come.


Congratulations to all the people behind the success of Plaza Marcela.

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