June 19, 2024

Promoting Culture and Livelihood through BACH

Bohol has been known to have a great culture to preserve and arts to cultivate. This is what BACH (Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage) Institute envisions. BACH is an institution for cultural orientation and education, research, training, professional development, popularization, production, promotions, and evaluation of Boholano cultural heritage and contemporary creation aimed at the sustainable development of Boholano communities, artists, and cultural workers towards building a dynamic, prosperous and creative Boholano society.

Last June 25, the Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage  (BACH) Institute Open Festival opened at the old Holy Spirit School grounds. Loboc Youth Ambassador Band, Dimiao Rondalla and the world-renowned group Loboc Children’s Choir attended the event.

The institute’s primary objectives are:

1. Protect and deepen cultural integrity, spirituality, and social cohesion of the Boholano people;

2. Preserve, protect, revitalize Boholano cultural heritage and the arts towards their continued production and sustainable usage;

3. Foment continued Creativity, Innovation, and Collaboration in traditional and contemporary art disciplines, genres, creations, and creative services;

4. Promote itself as an Eco-Cultural Destination for visitors and tourists which can exhibit and sell heritage-inspired products and services of excellent quality;

5. Develop Boholano Prosperity through heritage-based creative industries, enhancing the provincial vision of developing an eco-cultural destination for local communities and visitors in the tourism market;

6. Develop Capabilities in cultural development through course programs on certificate or degree levels in the various heritage and artistic disciplines.

Various workshops have been prepared on the opening day. The Heritage Workshop includes the arnis, basket and nipa weaving, kuradang and pangalay, and tinapay, bibingka and guitar making. For the Contemporary Arts Workshop, there were workshops on modern dance, music, drama, digital music and creative writing.

Local and foreign guests and students attended the event. The guests were delighted when they also witnessed the Hugos Dimiao and Gloria from Heritage Mass, Usahay by Kasing Sining and the Balak by Jose Lugo.

The institute envisions that the performances, demonstrations and workshops on Boholano heritage traditions and contemporary creation of the event could highlight what it could offer to artists, cultural heritage advocates, educators, tourism planners and frontliners. 

This is truly a great project for Boholanos. This will not only preserve the culture and arts of Boholanos, but to create livelihood to Boholanos as well. With great support from everyone, this institute could be big SOON.

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