May 28, 2024

Yahoo Funbassadors Episode: Nature and Adventure in Bohol

I have just read a post from the facebook page of Bohol: “Heart of the Islands” about the funbassadors from different parts of Asia who were exploring the beauty of Bohol.

The opening sequence of the show describes what Philippines can offer.
“Awesome beaches, big smiles, gorgeous views…this is the Philippines! “

I think yahoo had conducted an online search for the funbassadors. There were a total of 14 funbassadors from 6 countries in Asia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and India. For 1 week, they were able to enjoy and experience why it’s more fun in the Philippines. Among the places they visited were Palawan, Cebu and Bohol.

Featured on the video below are the Loboc River Cruise, Bilar Man-made Forest and the Chocolate Hills. Based on their expressions, it seems that they were having a lot of fun here in beautiful Bohol.

View more videos of their ultimate fun in the Philippines in yahoo’s website.

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