May 28, 2024

ICM’s Mannequins Live 2014 – Males in Swimwear

14 males and 13 females battled for the title as Mannequins Live 2014 Winner. The grand finals was held at the Island City Mall’s activity center last January 3, 2015. Only 1 male and 1 female were declared as the emerging winners among the total of 27 participants. The mannequin live contestants were the winners of the monthly rounds of the competition. The contestants had already undergone a lot of activities to test how deserving they are for the title.

Here are the pictures of the males in swimwear during the Mannequins Live 2014’s grand finals.

Male #1: Marlonmannequin-swimwear-1 Marlon
Male #2: AJmannequin-swimwear-2 AJ
Male #3: Macmannequin-swimwear-3 Mac
Male #4: Jerrymannequin-swimwear-4 Jerry
Male #5: Frankmarmannequin-swimwear-5 Frankmar
Male #6: Markmannequin-swimwear-6 Mark
Male #7: Artmelmannequin-swimwear-7 Artmel
Male #8: Johnmannequin-swimwear-8 John
Male #9: Danmannequin-swimwear-9 Dan
Male #10: Davemannequin-swimwear-10 Dave
Male #11: Renzmannequin-swimwear-11 Renz
Male #12: Neilmannequin-swimwear-12 Neil
Male #13: Spencermannequin-swimwear-13 Spencer
Male #14: Paulmannequin-swimwear-14 Paul

To view the complete list of winners of the Mannequins Live 2014, hit the link below.
ICM’s Mannequins Live 2014 – Complete List of Winners

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