April 22, 2024

Alternative Beaches in Bohol : Albur and Lila

Bohol is an island with many beautiful beaches. Aside from Panglao, there are also other beaches that are worth visiting if you want to have some dose of vitamin sea.


Alburquerque, colloquially known as “Albur”, is next to Baclayon from Tagbilaran City. It can be reached around 30 to 40 minutes of travel. As part of the Bohol Blogger Collective’s itinerary of visiting the beautiful beaches in Bohol, we were able to visit Sta. Fe Beach in Albur.


The public beach is a quiet and peaceful place. If you seek some relaxation and a place away from the city, this place is what you are looking for. The beach operation is administered by the local government of Albur.


The beach has several cottages with a rental of P100 for each cottage. Few meters from the seashore, a floating cottage is tied on the mangrove. According to the caretaker, the floating cottage can be used but needs to ask some permission first. Unfortunately, it was low tide when we got there. So, make sure to check your calendar for the tide schedule to catch the sea near the seashore or else you’ll have to walk few meters from the shore.




Some pictures taken by the visitors of the place can be found here.


Lila is three towns away from Tagbilaran City. It can be reached at around 1 hour of travel from Tagbilaran City.

While the bloggers were having the tour, we were seeking for some place wherein we could have our lunch. We have decided to look for a beach in Lila. Luckily, Zonadel Homestay de Bry in Lila warmly accepted us in their place. Their place is enough for a small group to conduct some group activities and to celebrate special occasions.


Hospitality, that is the word that I could describe on how the owner have treated us while we are at their place. They have offered some of their food to us and gave some insights about their plans on the area.


The cool breeze and the sound of the waves made the stay at the beach worthwhile. We were not able to resist the urge to swim on those waves. It was quite a struggle by that time because of the strong winds that made the waves to splash so hard.


For your next bonding activities, you’ll need to consider the beautiful beaches of Albur and Lila to have a different kind of experience.

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