July 19, 2024

Partying at Atmosphere Bar & Club

If Cebu City has Mango Square, Tagbilaran City has Atmosphere. Atmosphere is a bar and party area at Metrocenter Hotel in Tagbilaran City. This place is considered as one of the famous night out place in the city. People who wants to celebrate special occasions can party and enjoy at the place. Most of the people here in Bohol would usually say “atmo?” whenever their is a special occasion and would want to celebrate it in a unique way at Atmosphere Bar & Club. During Fridays and weekends, Boholanos would usually use the word “atmo?” to invite their friends to unwind at the bar. “atmo” refers to Atmosphere, the bar and club in the city.

I usually go to atmo when their are invitations from friends. We usually have videoke or play billiards. The place is also a perfect place to have a bonding with your friends, classmates, barkada or even just you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. They have a lot of videoke rooms to offer. There are rooms intended for big groups which include billiards table and videoke.

Last Friday, our classmate invited us to celebrate with him on his birthday. We decided to go to atmo just for one glass of beer and we’re okay. But, the one glass of beer has changed to one liter thus making us to stay longer on the area. As we entered the place, the guards will inspect you of any unnecessary materials the customer might bring. Tables on the bar were all full of guests busy talking and drinking. On the left and right side of the bar, there are rooms for those who would want for videoke sessions.

photo from agoda.com

We were able to order rhum cola, mixture of Tanduay and coca cola. We expected that the order was just enough for us but we were not able to drink everything. I think one long neck of Tanduay is already too much for us for that night considering we would just like to have one glass of beer only. While drinking the rhum cola, we also bought kropek and some other food. Upon observing at the place, everyone was busy and in the party mood. Some were looking at the sports show on the tv while others were dancing with the music played by the DJ.

It was almost 12 o’clock when we decided to enter the disco house. While approaching the door, the in-charge called our attention that short pants and slippers/sandals for males are not allowed. Since our place is just in the city, we went home for a while in order for us to enter the disco house. There is a 100-peso entrance fee but it has a one glass of cocktail for free that can be claimed at the bar inside.

photo from agoda.com

We were just standing there for about 30 minutes and familiarized with the place. Since that was Friday, it is expected that there would be a lot of partygoers who will be partying in the place. Our expectation was right, the place was full of different types of people. Popular music was played by the DJs at the booth while bartenders were busy serving the customers with their drinks were just some of the activities inside the disco house. Some of the customers were just watching other customers while others were dancing on the dance floor. Since the music was very enticing, we decided to hit the dance floor. We’re not dancers but we were just curious what it feels to dance at atmo.

photo from agoda.com

It was already past 2 o’clock when we decided to leave the disco house. We went back to the bar area outside and ordered cold water. After quenching our thirst, we went home. I don’t have the complete copy of the activities at atmo and the rates of the videoke rooms yet. I’ll just post on this blog site once I already got those information.

Tagbilaran now has a lot of night activities to offer. Disco bars, videoke houses and live bands are very visible in the city at night. Tagbilaran may have changed a lot when it comes to night life but the city is still safe even at night.

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