March 5, 2024

Things You Can Do at Baluarte, Baclayon

As part of the itinerary of the Bohol Bloggers Collective to promote tourism destinations in Bohol, we were able to get into the famous Baluarte in Baclayon. This place is already known for various barbecue stalls and restaurants near the area. During our visit at the place, we were able to get to know more about the activities that we can do while at the Baluarte, Baclayon.

If you are not yet familiar of this place, here are the things that I think will get you interested to visit this place.

Have access to Pamilacan Island


During our visit, tourists had already hopped on the boats to visit Pamilacan Island and have some Dolphin watching around the island. The Baluarte also serves as an access point for locals to reach the island of Pamilacan.


Have a look of the newly renovated Baclayon Church


Baclayon Church was one of the churches in Bohol that has been affected by the strong earthquake last 2013. With that, the church has been temporarily closed for holding mass and visiting tourists. After several months of restoration, Baclayon church is now renovated.




The clear water of the place is enough for you to get tempted to swim. Children and some adults were having some fun while we were there.



Planning to get fit for summer? You can have that by performing some of physical activities there.




Using fishing net, it is possible to catch some fishes around the area.


Picture Taking


Who can resist to take pictures of the sea and the place? I think no one can resist!



For group casual meet-ups, Baluarte is also a good choice to conduct such event. I have already tried to visit the place during night time and I found out that various groups have conducted their meet-ups at the place.




Aside from the barbecue stalls and restaurants near the place, you can also bring your food at the place. After eating, you just have to make sure that you have left nothing of your trashes.




The cool breeze and the sounds of the waves is already enough to get you relax while you are at Baluarte. If you’re looking for a place to focus or get away from work, this is a perfect place to relax.


These are just some of my observations while we were at Baluarte. This article is mainly focused on the things that you can do at the place. If you have any idea about the history of this place, please share it on the comment section.

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